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My Daily Digest: March 12, 2021

Compost for thought  The use of barns in dairy farming, while widespread overseas, isn’t fashionable here. Our grass-fed, pasture-based system gives the sector a great story to tell when compared to the systems used in places like the United States.

But we have our own problems too. Nutrient loss is an issue for dairy in many regions.

Composting barns have been installed in a few places around New Zealand and appear to be doing a good job of mopping up the bad stuff.

And, they’re now using the waste from forestry as a bedding in the barns – another win.

Is there a way to incorporate more of them, where needed, while still embodying the spirit of our farming system?

As always there are scientific, environmental and brand issues to weigh. 

It’s an exercise worth doing.


Bryan Gibson


Compost a solution for cow, forest problems

A Nelson firm is taking the humble scrapings of wood waste residues left over from the forestry harvest wake and turning it into a useful, sustainable means of animal bedding producing a win-win for farmers and foresters. 



A&P show horse entries jump

A South Island A&P show has got a bumper equestrian programme this weekend, partly because of the cancellation of the Horse of the Year show.



Supply chain challenges remain

The initial impact of covid-19 on New Zealand’s perishable exports supply chains has lessened, but according to a Lincoln University student’s research, there are still significant challenges ahead.



Weaner steers in demand

A week of weaner cattle fairs in Northland started well and built momentum in the larger yardings in the sale yards further north.



Pastoral farming rights ‘at risk’

The Crown Pastoral Land reform Bill clearly aims to put an end to farming in the high country, National MP and spokesperson for conservation Jacqui Dean says.

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