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My Daily Digest: March 23, 2021

Venture beyond the farm gate A few thousand New Zealanders know a little more about food production thanks to another very successful Open Farms day at the weekend.

The event sees farmers of all types throw open the gates to the public so they can see first-hand what goes into the production of the milk, meat, grains, fruit and vegetables that those in the primary industries grow.

The initiative is a fantastic one. Our online world has stripped the empathy from a lot of the big conversations we’re having as a society. We say things online we probably wouldn’t say to someone face-to-face.

But meeting a farmer in the flesh, on their own patch, gives context to what they do. They’re not a headline, but a person.

And from there, hopefully a more constructive conversation can grow.


Bryan Gibson


Kiwis flock to Open Farms

An estimated 2500 Kiwis visited 37 farms this Sunday, as part of New Zealand’s second national open farm day initiative Open Farms. 



Investing in consumers’ trust

Meat companies are using the Taste Pure Nature brand alongside their own brands as they target environmentally-conscious foodie consumers.



ORC breaks down proposed rates increases

Meeting the cost of government policy will soak up the bulk of a proposed 48% rise in Otago Regional Council (ORC) rates next year.



Global solution to human, planet and species health

A leading biosecurity academic is seeking to have an international biosecurity organisation established to help identify biosecurity risks before they spread. Professor Philip Hulme believes such an organisation could prove far more effective than the current “ambulance” approach countries adopt.



Scales well-positioned for Villa Maria play

Scales has been canvasing agriculture and horticulture investment options for some time and is well-positioned to venture into winemaking if it buys Villa Maria Estates.



Tonight on Sarah’s Country


Opinion Maker Tuesday: The Crown Pastoral Land Reform debate


One government policy amendment making headlines is the future of the Crown Pastoral Land Reform Bill, which has submissions before Parliament at the moment.

Joining Sarah to discuss the issues and implications around the Bill are featured guests Environment Canterbury councillor Ian Mackenzie and ACT Party rural spokesperson Mark Cameron. And, on the panel we have Kate Cocks of Mt Nicholas Station and Glenmore Station’s Emily Murray.

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