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My Daily Digest: March 25, 2021

IT’s unpopularity among youth a growing concern When lists of what career young people aspire to pursue when they grow older come out, journalist isn’t usually on them.

That’s okay, I can take it, in some ways I understand.

Farming is on most lists, but IT isn’t, which is a concern for both the tech and the agricultural sector.

More and more we’re relying on technology and online tools to run our businesses, and we’re going to need an ever-increasing number of people to lead that innovation.

NZ Tech points to the horticulture industry’s reliance on RSE workers at harvest. Some of this workload could be eased through the use of mechanisation and technology.

But when young people are aspiring to be YouTube influencers rather than robotics engineers, there’s a problem.

IT in some ways has the same problem as agriculture – it’s still not pushed enough as an industry that has good prospects, pays well and is fun.

Both will have to find a way to rectify that if they’re to flourish in the future.


Bryan Gibson


Concern over students’ lack of interest in IT career paths

Young schoolchildren are more likely to aspire to flip burgers or be professional sports stars than be engaged in computer programming and IT, despite their ever-growing reliance upon the technology in their lives.



UAE ripe for NZ agri-tech

Despite currently importing 90% of its food, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is committed to increasing its ability to feed itself better, and offers plentiful opportunities for New Zealand agri-tech firms to achieve that.



Westland set to boost production

A multi-million dollar investment to increase butter production has Westland Milk Products targeting a greater role in the production of consumer goods.



Chance to plan for winter grazing

Farmers are being urged to adopt careful winter grazing management this year, with leaders fearing critics will use a reprieve from new government regulations to hunt out examples of poor practice.



Fonterra still underweight

Fonterra's interim results were encouraging, but more work needs to be done to reach earnings targets and levels achieved previously, equities analysts say.


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