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My Daily Digest: March 4, 2021

Bumper kiwifruit crop but hands in short supply   The kiwifruit crop is about to be picked and a record harvest is expected. But just who’ll pick it is still undetermined in some places, with labour shortages brought on by covid-19 still a worry.

Signs are up around the Bay of Plenty touting the work available on orchards and in packhouses.

There’s expected to be strong demand despite the bumper crop with Europe emerging as a major buyer alongside China and Japan.

The latest variety, a red fruit, is also in the mix and it’ll be interesting to see how it fares in the market.

With consumers around the world more health-conscious than ever before, the old saying about apples and doctors may have a new player to contend with.

That’s as long as growers can do enough to attract the people to pick it.


Bryan Gibson


Surge in kiwifruit volume expected

As orchardists grapple with staff challenges, kiwifruit marketers are bracing for an onslaught of fruit this season, with a record crop anticipated.



Bees get a fighting chance

University of Otago Researchers have made a discovery that may just give honeybees a fighting chance against the varroa mite.



Venison market looks promising

Venison prices are looking to rise as marketers plan chilled season contracts.



Spotlight on local produce

Enterprise North Canterbury has launched the region’s first food and beverage brand to showcase local produce.



Fieldays hope for a lockdown-free June

Fieldays organisers are hoping the country will be at Level 1 when the gates open on June 16, but are also preparing as well as they can if parts of the country are put into lockdown.


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