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My Daily Digest: May 11, 2021

Cavalier ups its sustainability game   Cavalier Bremworth officially stopped making synthetic carpets last week and got the Agriculture Minister in to mark the occasion. The company says the move will reduce imports of synthetic fibres into New Zealand by 2500 tonnes.

Given the trends in carpet manufacturing in recent years it’s a bold move, but the tide of consumer opinion appears to be with them.

As the minister said, they have a compelling yarn to spin.

It’s the short and medium-term prospects that are the biggest worry, as the company endeavours to move consumers from emotion to action.

Long-term, we’ll hopefully wonder why we ever used synthetics at all.


Bryan Gibson


Dairy staff not on MIQ priority list

RSE workers are in but dairy farm staff are out in the Government’s latest announcement on managed isolation availability.



Bremworth turns its back on synthetics

Cavalier Bremworth, the premium brand in New Zealand flooring, has ceased manufacturing synthetic carpets and is putting its faith back in wool.



Hereford bulls peak at $25k

Hereford bull Limehills Stardom made the top price of $25,000 for vendors Gray and Robyn Pannett, Roxburgh, at the inaugural fully electronic national seedstock sale for the breed.



RWNZ appoints new chief executive

Rural Women New Zealand Ngā Wahine Taiwhenua o Aotearoa (RWNZ) has appointed Gabrielle O’Brien as its new chief executive.



Water to transform Mid-North

The first community water storage and irrigation scheme to be built in Northland for more than 30 years is taking shape on higher ground northeast of Kaikohe.


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