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My Daily Digest: May 17, 2021

Warming climate forecast to hit sector’s bottom line Some new research shows that increased drought in a warming climate will have significant impacts on farmer incomes.

This is perhaps not much of a surprise – anyone who’s farmed through a drought knows the hit the books can take.

The authors say in a worst-case warming scenario, sheep and beef farmers could face a 54% drop in income.

That figure comes down the more mitigation is done to prevent warming.

Most models show many parts of New Zealand will see less rain in coming years.

That means many farmers will need to think about how and what they will farm in this changing environment. 

Creating climate-resilient businesses isn’t easy, but given what we know now and think will happen in future, it’s imperative we begin the process.


Bryan Gibson


Future drought could drain primary sector profit

New research forecasts a strong relationship between potential intense future drought in New Zealand, with drops in farm profit.



Brothers win Share Farmer of the Year title

The value immigrants bring to the dairy industry was showcased at the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards (NZDIA), where two of the three national titles on offer were won by people born abroad.



Funds to reduce on-farm carbon

A new contestable Agmardt fund has announced grants totalling more than $650,000 to address the primary industry’s carbon emissions.



Area-specific tahr control plans under way

The Department of Conservation (DoC) appears to be taking a more conciliatory approach with its control plan for Himalayan tahr for the coming year.



Surfing farmers fundraiser to support growth

With winter starting to make its presence felt, many surfers have hung up their wetsuit for a few months but the team at Surfing for Farmers is still hard at work.


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