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My Daily Digest: May 18, 2021

Another case of selective memory If it wasn’t enough that the Australians are staking a claim for the right to call their honey mānuka, news reports now suggest the British are doing the same.

It’s another case of selective memory – there are protections in place in the United Kingdom for a raft of food products including Stilton cheese, Jersey Royal potatoes and Scotch whisky.

There’s good margins to be made for those who produce high-quality mānuka honey and label it as such, so it’s not surprising that everyone wants a piece of the action.

But with New Zealand cheese producers, for instance, facing opposition for their use of terms like halloumi and feta, this area is getting both confusing and frustrating.

The NZ honey industry is a bit bemused by this latest power grab from the old country but it’s an issue that needs sorting out once and for all.


Bryan Gibson


Buzz over mānuka honey brand

The head of New Zealand’s mānuka honey association has reacted with puzzlement to United Kingdom news reports of British beekeepers becoming tangled up in its claim to the term “mānuka” in honey labelling.



AgResearch collects top award for meat imaging tech

Sheep facial recognition, portable dairy processing, “green” batteries and meat quality tech were all winners at this year’s Food, Fibre and Agritech – Supernode Challenge



Alliance to launch associate director programme

The Alliance Group is launching an associate director programme to introduce shareholders to a career in governance.



Breeding climate-friendly cows

New technologies such as cow vaccines and probiotics to tackle agricultural emissions, as well as bulls that potentially burp less, are one step closer.


3 tips to plan for winter grazing

Hawke's Bay Regional Council is encouraging farmers who graze stock on fodder crops over winter to put together a plan now to ensure that livestock maintain body condition and minimise soil damage.


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