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My Daily Digest: May 25, 2021

Too early to cry foul It’s not often that Federated Farmers take a chill pill when it comes to Government policy, but that’s exactly what it has done regarding changes to biodiversity rules governing significant natural areas (SNAs).

There have been rumblings about vast swathes of farmland being taken out of production as these areas are defined.

But Feds board member Chris Allen reckons farmers should take a breath before crying foul as the new rules won’t amount to land and property right theft.

He sees it as the law coming into line with what farmers have been doing for some time.

Sure, there are challenges if a farmer wants to intensify on land that’s designated an SNA, but these days consents are required for land-use change in many regions anyway.

The science shows that maintaining biodiversity is integral in supporting many of the functions of a healthy environment.

Most farmers understand the significance of parts of their land to more than just production.

Most other New Zealanders do too, so protecting those SNAs is a win all round.


Bryan Gibson


Feds weigh reactions to new biodiversity rules

A farming leader is advising farmers not to lose sleep over pending new biodiversity rules.


Exporters welcome shipping relief

The country’s exporters received some welcome relief from congested shipping services this week, with a record 5326 containers loaded aboard a vessel at the Port of Tauranga.



Rural Contractors NZ announces new chief

Andrew Olsen has been appointed as the new Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ) chief executive, replacing Roger Parton who is retiring.



Holsteins average over $10k

Busybrook Holsteins at Duntroon, North Otago, sold 85 female lots for an average of $10,141 in its Platinum Edition sale on May 21.



More support for pig farmers

New Zealand Pork (NZP) has appointed a new national industry support manager to help support the country’s pig farmers.


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