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My Daily Digest: May 27, 2021

Aus lets the dogs out   It appears we have a little Aussie battle on our hands. The Australian version of the 60 Minutes news show is previewing a story, airing on Sunday, that questions our relationship with China.

The Morrison government has taken China to task in recent months over its human rights record, among other things.

New Zealand exporters looked on in horror as tariffs were swiftly slapped on many Australian industries. Australian food producers probably looked on in horror as well.

NZ has taken a cautious approach when it comes to its relationship with our biggest export market.

Diplomatically, we’ve decided that if we bark the bite back will be substantial.

Now, the Australians have let the dogs out.

There will always be a tension between the need to speak out on actions deemed out of line and preserving links vital for the nation’s wellbeing.

Let’s hope our foreign policy leaders have mastered the correct tone.


Bryan Gibson


NZ-China relations ‘in good shape’

Trade and Export Growth Minister Damien O’Connor downplayed concerns trouble may be brewing in New Zealand’s trade relationship with China.



Eyes on the horizon, says McBride

Farm ownership and control sustainability is the primary objective of the capital restructuring proposal being discussed in the co-operative, Fonterra chair Peter McBride says.



New regional fund announced

The Government has launched a regional strategic fund to replace the provincial growth fund.



North Canty farmers launch sustainability project

North Canterbury farmers have banded together to investigate practical solutions that balance farm profitability and environmental sustainability.


Striking the right balance

Working on massive farming operations in the United States highlighted the importance of New Zealand’s focus on health and safety for Aorangi FMG Young Farmer of the Year Dale McAlwee.


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