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My Daily Digest: November 10, 2020

Can we create a covid-free premium? When we think of biosecurity, we think of protecting our border and our ability to grow food and fibre for our export markets. But as a value-add? Maybe not so much.  

KPMG’s Ian Proudfoot reckons there’s an opportunity for New Zealand to gain value by being disease-free, in the same way products can be antibiotic-free or grass-fed.

Just today it was announced a vaccine has come through trials pretty well but covid-19 isn’t going anywhere for some time and we need to adapt to this new, pandemic-laced world.

Producing safe food in a country that’s covid-free will have its benefits, if we tell the right story.

At the moment we see biosecurity as a cost of business, but it only takes a change in mindset to see it as an investment in value.


Bryan Gibson


Biosecurity a draw for value-add

New Zealand in the new global covid environment is at a “survive or thrive” juncture, with the opportunity to capitalise on consumers’ commitment to quality food that has been heightened by the pandemic.


China online market booming

New Zealand companies need to find a niche in China if they are to capitalise on the huge growth in its e-commerce market, which has occurred since the covid-19 pandemic.


Farm machinery operator shortage now a crisis

The shortage of managed isolation quarantine (MIQ) facilities for overseas farm machinery workers to meet seasonal demand has left the industry in crisis.


Cautious rise in milk price forecast

The farm gate milk price forecast for this season from the economics team of the ANZ Bank has been lifted by 20c to $6.70/kg milksolids.


Jager backs sheep milk industry

Can the Zespri business model work for New Zealand’s sheep milking industry? Its former chief executive Lain Jager believes it can.



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7:30pm – Winter Grazing Action Group chair Lindsay Burton outlines what the group expects from farmers. 

7:40pm – Open Farms project founder Daniel Eb explains the success of reconnecting urban and rural as why the nationwide open farm day will return in 2021.

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