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My Daily Digest: November 12, 2020

Government to move ahead with forestry limits Sheep and beef farmers will be pleased that the agriculture minister plans to push ahead with plans to limit the area that can be converted to forestry in some regions. Well, those who don’t plan to sell up soon will be.

Foresters, on the other hand, feel the move is an overreach and the claims of blanket afforestation are an overstatement.

They say it now seems farming has priority over forests.

All talk of property rights aside, New Zealand will need a mix of land use to succeed in coming years. That success will be measured both in terms of export income and environmental sustainability.

As always, it’s not a case of blindly picking one side or another. 

Success will come when each landowner makes an educated choice based on their circumstances and land profile.

Bryan Gibson


M bovis eradication programme expands

A wider range of farms will now be part of the national beef survey under the Mycoplasma bovis eradication programme.


Award winner wants to help farmers

The winner of Massey University’s prestigious William Gerrish Memorial Prize is looking to turn her aptitude for farm management into consultancy advice for farmers.



Young auctioneer outbids to win coveted title

Andrew Sherratt was not just going for the bid, he was gunning for the title when he took up the gavel in the 2020 Young Auctioneer of the Year competition. 


Hemp a pathway to healthier vines, skin

A career arc that includes nursing, grape-growing, hemp composting and a skincare range may not outwardly have a thread to it, but on closer inspection, Blenheim vineyard co-owner Kirsty Harkness has found some valuable synergies that have contributed to her latest venture. 


Gov’t pushes on with tree limits

The Government has signalled it intends to push ahead with its aim to enable councils to limit the area that can be placed in trees in some parts of the country.


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