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My Daily Digest: November 13, 2020

Pandemic could be the answer to science’s waning influence   There’s no one cause of the erosion of trust in science and facts, but a certain United States president and social media have a lot to answer for.

Vaccination rates are falling, some people eschew mask wearing and there are still those who think climate change is a hoax.

But Mike Petersen reckons a silver lining of covid-19 could be a renewed belief in the ability of science to not only help us survive on the planet, but thrive here.

New Zealand is a great example of a nation that listened to scientists during the pandemic and so far we’ve managed to keep people alive and in work.

The current generation of young consumers care a lot about evidence and science, and our ability to sell them food will hinge on the way we grow, process and market it.

Staying away from Facebook might help as well.

Bryan Gibson


Covid could restore trust in science

It's a difficult pill for scientists to swallow, but former special agricultural trade envoy Mike Petersen believes people no longer trust science like they used to.


Economist challenges freshwater figures

An economist is accusing the Government of using spurious figures and is questioning some assumptions and methodology in the cost benefit analysis of its freshwater reforms.


Added investment in horticulture

The Syndex online platform for privately-owned companies, syndicates and partnerships is noticing a trend towards primary sector investment opportunities, chief executive Ross Verry says.


Brexit looms as market uncertainty grows

Meat exporters are preparing for trade disruption in their key UK market with the likelihood an exit agreement with the European Union will not be reached by the December deadline.


Kiwifruit industry weighs RSE worker impact

While kiwifruit may be the last large crop harvested this season, the industry is looking nervously at what the impact is likely to be on other large crops and how an impending shortage will be managed.


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