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My Daily Digest: November 16, 2020

Export beef covid claims more bark than bite A Reuters report this morning stating that Chinese importers had found the coronavirus on beef originating from New Zealand, Brazil and Bolivia has sent a few shockwaves through the industry here.

The Prime Minister was, however, quick to state that it wasn’t our beef that was the cause.

And the Meat Industry Association reckons the chance of the virus being transmitted on food or packaging, let alone food from New Zealand, is negligible.

Our meat industry has done an amazing job this year to keep covid-19 out of the supply chain, as has the entire nation in keeping it mostly out of the country.

Still, our name is linked to this story and more information is needed to clear it. That seems likely but it might take some time.

It would be a bitter disappointment if our exports were impacted after so much hard work though no fault of our own.


Bryan Gibson


MIA monitoring covid detection claims

The meat industry is awaiting further information from Chinese authorities about claims genetic material from covid-19 has been detected on the packaging of frozen beef exported from NZ.


Fonterra council wants quick action

The Fonterra Shareholders’ Council wants to implement structural and procedural changes recommended by the recent steering group review as quickly as possible, chair James Barron says.


Profit gets away from Sanford

Sanford fishing company has been hit hard by the loss of foodservice sales during the covid-19 pandemic, reporting a 46% fall in net profit to $22.4 million.


Northland enjoys grass bounty

Northland farmers are knee-deep in grass and enjoying what one long-term rural professional called the best spring growth seen in many years.


Opportunity lies in field peas

The appetite for plant-based meat substitutes has emerged as more than just a fad with consumer preferences now demanding specific brands and ingredients.


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