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My Daily Digest: November 18, 2020

Nod to the sector, and all its many offerings In these trying economic times, it’s good to see investment dollars continue to pour into the primary sector.

MyFarm reports a big increase in the number of New Zealanders recognising that the return on capital from agriculture and horticulture far exceeds leaving it in the bank.

The New Zealand Rural Land Company hopes to list on the stock exchange by the end of the year as well.

Our skewed tax system means property is still the investment of choice for many, but those in the know are putting their money where it will grow.

It’s another sign that food production will be a key driver of growth and that the sector has a certain insulation from covid-19 that others lack.

And it’s also hopefully a sign that people are looking to invest in things that not only provide monetary returns but also jobs, community and prosperity for others.

Bryan Gibson


Horticulture investments hot property

Rural investment specialist MyFarm has seen a big increase in New Zealanders looking to invest in the primary sector, with the horticulture sector particularly popular.


Pre-Christmas IPO for NZ Rural Land Co

New Zealand Rural Land Company plans to list on the NZX on December 18, raising at least $75 million and as much as $150m, in an initial public offering.


Ditch breeding cows to cut GHG?

Research suggesting the beef farming sector could significantly reduce its greenhouse gas footprint by folding calf production into the dairy-beef sector has been met with mixed response from farmers and advisors.



Northland genetics sold

Expanding Northland sheep and beef breeding enterprise Ashgrove Genetics held the 40th Coopworth ram sale last week, with three supplementary breeds on offer.



No evidence of NZ export covid claims

New Zealand officials believe cross-contamination is the cause of a sample that tested positive to covid-19 found on NZ meat packaging in China.



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