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My Daily Digest: November 19, 2020

Looming heatwave a win-lose forecast  I dipped a toe into the Tasman Sea last week expecting to get a bit of a shock. I did, but it was because of the warmth, not the cold.

There’s another marine heatwave coming, forecasters say, which could lead to a scorching summer.

While this is great news for swimmers, surfers and loungers, it will have food producers worried.

With the landscape covered in wrapped bales at the moment and ther spring grass growing well, drought can seem a long way off.

But soil moisture levels are down across the country and it won’t take much to turn things dry.

La Nina may still bring moisture to unfamiliar places over the next few months.

But it would be prudent to plan for a dry and hot summer. This year being what it is, we wouldn’t have expected anything else.


Bryan Gibson


Research into packaging perceptions

Scion researchers are looking forward to a survey about how Chinese consumer attitudes to food safety and packaging have changed in their new covid world.



Online wool auctions gain popularity

Independent wool brokers are making the transition to online wool auctions as digital wool trading weaves the way forward for the New Zealand wool industry.


Non-compliance docks Alliance’s profit

A $20 million provision to settle historic employee entitlements has taken the gloss off the Alliance Group’s annual result for 2019-20.


Back to the future

The shortage and absence of foreign backpackers looking for work, has orchardists worried fruit may be left unpicked. 


Field day focus on farm irrigation

With groundwater levels in many parts of the country at very low levels, many farmers are looking at water storage options – and more than 50 turned up to a recent on-farm field day organised by the Wairarapa Water Users Society.


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