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My Daily Digest: November 20, 2020

‘Getting on with it’ shouldn’t be this hard  As Donald Trump fights to steal the United States election and the battle of Brexit lumbers on, one can be forgiven for fearing the end of the great global marketplace we’ve built.

But, nationalist leaders aside, the signing of the RCEP trade deal shows there are still more nations than not that can see the value in fair trade.

The premise is so simple, it’s astounding many still don’t seem to understand.

Make what your environment and people allow, and sell it to countries with a different skill set. Everyone wins and the environment isn’t taxed as much as it would be by people trying to produce unsustainably.

Unfortunately, the decision made by stubborn nationalists overseas will reverberate here. We’re still not sure just how Brexit will play out for food exporters.

Let’s hope those in some corners of the globe see sense, eventually.


Bryan Gibson


RCEP could bring big NZ export gains

New Zealand’s inclusion in the world’s largest trade agreement could go some way to solving a billion dollar problem for the meat industry.


A2 sees a way through sales dip

A2 Milk Company says it can deliver a small increase in revenue during the current financial year and maintain its 31% earnings margin on sales.


Avocado exports disrupted

Avocado exports are battling air and sea freight disruptions this season to move an estimated 4.2 million 5.5kg trays of fruit, a 10% increase on last season.


China rebukes meddling Five Eyes

Stocks exposed to China, including A2 Milk, Synlait Milk and the Fonterra Shareholders’ Fund, will be in for a rough ride after the Five Eyes security alliance – Australia, Canada, the US, UK and New Zealand – called on China to “stop undermining the rights of the people of Hong Kong,” prompting a speedy response from the world’s most populous nation.



SWAG seeks funds to the tune of $700k

The new Strong Wool Action Group (SWAG) is open for contributions as it targets a working budget.


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