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My Daily Digest: November 25, 2020

Farming goals will determine plant-based roles The Primary Industries’ summit this week heard from researchers looking into ways of creating new plant-based proteins out of crops that grow well in New Zealand.

They’re looking at rape seed, oats, quinoa and other plants that NZ can grow at scale.

Plant proteins probably aren’t going to make animal proteins redundant, but they may be a very useful product food producers can use to diversify into to add some resilience to their farming systems.

Still, as a regenerative farmer said, crops like oats take more fertiliser than he was willing to use in his light-touch system.

As always, it’s a decision each farmer needs to make with their unique farm in mind.

One size never fits all.


Bryan Gibson


Deer velvet demand grows in Asia

New Zealand deer velvet is selling amidst global uncertainty as Korean product companies meet new consumer demands with NZ velvet.



NZ venison ‘facing perfect storm’

Despite currently facing the perfect storm, the deer industry is confident New Zealand farm-raised venison has a long-term future.



Investors sought for rural land fund

The New Zealand Rural Land Company (NZRLC) believes it can generate a minimum 4.5% annual return on capital by being a landlord to the agricultural sector.



Deeper dive into seaweed research

New Zealand researchers have moved a step closer to commercial seaweed farming with the commissioning of an extensive growing facility in Tauranga on the University of Waikato’s aquaculture site.



Anchor milk now carbon zero

Five of Anchor’s speciality milks have been certified as carbon zero in an effort by the Fonterra-owned brand to reduce its carbon footprint.



Tonight on Sarah’s Country 

7:10pm – Farm freshwater plans are set to become an industry requirement following the government’s reforms. AbacusBio consultant Simon Glennie gives his advice.  

7:20pm – After 87 years the Ahuwhenua Trophy Award has been won by a horticultural operation. Chair Kingi Smiler shares the successes from the event.  

7:30pm – New Zealand trade officials have given the EU and UK an earful over their plans to carve up agricultural import quotas. Trade commentator Charles Finny has the latest.  

7:40pm – How important is the safety and sustainability of food packaging? Scion’s Dr Florian Graichen explains. 


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