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My Daily Digest: October 16, 2020

Change needed in industry processes  –  and attitudes Someone showed me a bit of marketing this week by a farming company with something to sell.

It involved appealing to a farmer – a man of course – telling him buying this thing might keep the wife happy.

You’d think in 2020, skilled marketers might realise that farmers are made up of people from all of society, not just part of it.

But no, it appears women in farming are still battling tired stereotypes and prejudices.

A new report shows women are under-represented in the meat industry. That’s not surprising. 

What’s good, though is that the report exists and that there’s a willingness to change things.

But real change will take more than just giving women more jobs in the industry. It’ll take breaking down the little hurdles that stop them staying. It’ll take listening to new perspectives and changing the sector to be far more inclusive than it is now.


Bryan Gibson


Gender equality needed in meat sector

The New Zealand meat industry says it is committed to getting more women employed in the meat sector after a new report showed they accounted for 36% of the industry’s global workforce.


LIC shareholders vote to toss Council

LIC shareholders have passed a resolution to have their shareholder council replaced with a reference group, and to allow for a liquidity mechanism on co-operative shares.


FEP sourcing challenged

With the need for farm environment plans (FEPs) confirmed in freshwater regulations, farmers are casting about in a crowded market for what constitutes a definitive template.


GHG study a ‘snapshot analysis’

A study concluding most NZ sheep and beef farms are carbon neutral is a snapshot in time and does not mean a farm’s greenhouse gas inventory will not change.


Farmer support initiative wins award

The winner of the Cuisine Local Hero category at the recent NZ Food Hero Awards says the honour is recognition of everyone who helped her Collective Hug initiative, which distributed food parcels to Hawke’s Bay farmers up against it during this year’s drought.


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