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My Daily Digest: October 21, 2020

Pandemic’s impact on world economy  For the second time in as many weeks an analyst is pointing to India as a driver of export values in the coming years.

BlackRock investment strategist Thomas Taw is even predicting a commodity super-cycle, which we’ve only seen twice in the past 100 years or more.

These cycles usually follow on from conflict, but it’s reasonable to suggest this year’s pandemic has had a similar effect on the world economy as a war.

The importance of food security has never been greater than right now and being able to provide it to the world puts New Zealand in a good spot.

But, nationalism is a strong factor in world politics at the moment and India has one of its greatest proponents in charge.

We have the will to grow exports there, but it’ll take a trade deal to turn that will into action.

Bryan Gibson


Commodities about to cycle upwards

Population and economic growth in India are potentially the drivers of the next commodity super-cycle, BlackRock investment strategist Thomas Taw says.


New woman at the helm of IrrigationNZ

Irrigation New Zealand is to be guided by a new chief executive in a new location and with a refreshed strategy


Labour’s rural tsunami turns blue red

Shifts in population profiles, a desire for stability and less ties to tradition, all played a role in the red wave of Labour votes that washed across the country’s rural electorates this month.


FY21 begins well for PGW

Trading performance in the first quarter of the 2021 financial year has been solid and in line with expectations, PGG Wrightson chief executive Stephen Guerin told the company’s annual meeting.


Farmer of the Year shares ‘golden nuggets’

Fraser Avery is not just the winner of the Westpac Bayleys Marlborough Farmer of the Year 2019 and a top sheep and beef operator. He’s also proving himself a motivator for others.


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7.30pm – More gender equality is needed in the sector says Meat Industry Association of New Zealand chief executive Sirma Karapeeva.  

7.40pm – South Canterbury farmer and blade shearer Tony Dobbs shares his journey of becoming the first person in the world to win 100 open blade shearing finals. 


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