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My Daily Digest: October 22, 2020

Sky-high’s the limit for cannabis   Cannabis has been on the minds of many people of late, specifically whether to make it legal to grow and buy.

It’s not yet clear whether the referendum will pass, but there are still plenty of innovators working with that plant family to make really high value food and fibre products.

While THC is the thing that gets you high, hemp has CBD and that compound is all the rage overseas for those looking for pain relief, help in recovery from injury or to settle their mind.

One Taranaki company has paired CBD with Manuka honey. Covid-19 has people the world over looking for natural supplements that can help them stave off or recover from illness, so there are many opportunities for New Zealand innovators.

And, while the jury’s still out on whether we’ll be able to get high any time soon, the sky’s the limit for these high-value products.


Bryan Gibson


CBD lifts Manuka value higher

If a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, then a snap-pack of Manuka honey may help you down a daily dose of CBD. 


GE bogged down by ambiguous rules

Over a year after the Royal Society Te Aparangi report on genetic engineering called for an overhaul on regulations, New Zealand continues to lack a framework that can accommodate the rapidly advancing technology.


Farmers must lead regen ag debate

New Zealand farmers risk having regenerative agriculture defined for them if they do not take ownership of the debate around its meaning.


Spring Sheep establish China base

Spring Sheep Milking Company has further established itself in the Chinese market by setting up a permanent base in Shanghai in the headquarters of Primary Collaboration New Zealand.


Wool course plans national rollout

The level of interest in a wool grading course has encouraged organisers to take it on the road.


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