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My Daily Digest: October 30, 2020

The hay days are here  As haymaking season cranks up it’s a tale of two islands, with the north looking pretty good growth-wise and the south still waiting for the flush.

While soil moisture levels are worryingly low all over New Zealand, there’s been enough rain in many North Island regions to kick off the grass. That’s good news for many, especially those in Hawke’s Bay, who have an empty barn following drought earlier in the year.

And while La Nina is on the horizon, forecasters say it’s going to be drier than usual over the next couple of months. The eastern rains that La Nina typically brings will hopefully kick in after that.

For now, it’s a matter of making hay while the sun shines.

Bryan Gibson


Baleage boom in north, slow in south

Baleage contractors are flat out making the most of prime growing conditions in the lower North Island, but it’s a different story further south.


Watchdog growls about China

The Fonterra Shareholders’ Council has concerns about the performance of the co-operative’s Falcon joint venture in China and the Australia and Chile businesses, the council’s 2020 annual report said.


Whineray climbs his first Fonterra peak

One thousand litres of milk a second are flowing into Fonterra’s processing plants at the height of the spring milk peak, chief operating officer Fraser Whineray says.


$2.5m peer project for arable industry

A new peer-to-peer knowledge exchange programme aims to lift sustainable farming practices for New Zealand cropping farmers.


Labour shortages inflate PKE spot prices

Covid-19 related labour issues on palm oil plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia have pushed palm kernel (PKE) prices to $347 a tonne on the New Zealand spot market.


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