Wednesday, July 6, 2022

New agriculture vehicle regulations

New rules for agricultural vehicles came into force on June 1 with rural contractors and farmers being encouraged to familiarise themselves with the changes.

Rural Contractors New Zealand executive director Roger Parton said the new rules offer agricultural vehicle owners improved compliance and greater operational flexibility.

He said Rural Contractors NZ has worked with Ministry of Transport, NZ Transport Agency and Police to develop them.

“These changes are a long time coming and have resulted in rules that are easy to understand, comply with and enforce,” Parton said.

“These changes recognise the unique operating characteristics and environment that agricultural vehicles require to travel on the road.”

He said the new rules will also reduce compliance costs for rural contractors and farmers.

The changes include a two-tier system for agricultural vehicles based on a 40km/hour operating speed. Vehicles operating below that speed will have no compliance other than they must be roadworthy.

The changes mean that agricultural vehicles first registered from June 1, 2013, must use a flashing amber beacon at all times when on-road to alert other road users.

A new licence endorsement now allows for a greater range of agricultural vehicles to be driven by the holder of a Class 1 (car) licence. Other changes have improved and simplified the rules on pilot vehicles, work time variation schemes, hazard identification and vehicle visibility.

“Rural Contactors NZ has run a series of seminars around the country over the last month to help educate our members and the agricultural sector about the new regulations and ensure the industry is up to date with its responsibilities,” Parton said.

More information on the new rules for agricultural vehicles can be found on the Rural Contractors NZ website:

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