Wednesday, July 6, 2022

New protection for pasture

Cropmark has developed an endophyte, called GrubOUT U2, which looks set to offer a robust defence against grass grub.

Cropmark’s Marketing Manager Garry Begley said the most exciting feature of GrubOUT U2 is its above- and below-ground protection. Other commercially available endophytes found in ryegrasses only provide above-ground protection, and therefore don’t protect grasses against insects such as grass grub and black beetle.

Lolines in GrubOUT U2 endophyte act as a feeding deterrent and so provide protection against grass grub larvae, black beetle (adults and larvae) Argentine stem weevil and the red-headed cockchafer both above and below ground level. Research has shown that the plant mobilises these lolines in response to insect attack.

Begley said GrubOUT trials had also demonstrated increased palatability of meadow fescue/perennial ryegrass crosses containing GrubOUT U2.

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