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AginEd | October 4, 2021

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● Can you tell if someone else is stressed? Harriet Bremner shares some common signs and some tips on ways that you can help others.

● AgriHQ – How do our lamb exports this year stack up against last year’s levels and the 5-year average? Can you work out when exports are at their highest and lowest throughout the year and why this maybe? Test your analytical skills in our AgriHQ section.

● What are seed banks and why do we need them? Plants require seeds to grow for food production or industrial uses. Seed banks allow us to store seeds and conserve species from threats including climate change, pests and disease, and loss of habitat. Massey University is contributing to the Myrtle rust fungus issues by banking Myrtaceae seeds.

● We share some of our entries in our Lockdown Learning competition. We had some amazing entries from readers aged 4-60 years and our winners have their prizes winging their way to them as you read this. Congratulations to our winners and thanks to our amazing sponsors at Stoney Creek, Husqvarna, HuntingHQ and GlobalHQ.  

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