Thursday, April 25, 2024

Coalgate cattle and sheep 1.07

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Prime Hereford-Friesian steers, 725kg, fetched $3.08/kg R2 Angus steers, 365kg, made $2.74/kg 500 Romdale ewes, scanned at 141%, returned $190-$191 110 Perendale ewes, run with a Wiltshire ram, earned $150-$170 Smaller lines of breeding ewes made $169-$220
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The best pens of all three prime sheep categories – lambs, ewes and male sheep – earned at least $300 at Coalgate last Thursday. The foremost lambs sold for $305 and $282, followed by the rest of the section at $150-$220. The top 10% of the ewes managed $284-$314, and overall a third sold above $200. The rest were evenly spread from $130 to $198 while half-a-dozen wethers made $300. The upper half of the store lambs traded at $132-$154 followed by the balance at $80-$129. Good yielding prime steers over 550kg returned $2.90-$3.00/kg, trailed by the remaining steers and most of the heifers, 480-523kg, at $2.71-$2.80/kg. Read more in your LivestockEye.

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