Thursday, April 25, 2024

Coalgate cattle and sheep 22.07

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Prime Hereford-Friesian steers, 435-630kg, firmed to average $3.06/kg Good yielding prime heifers, 510-670kg, firmed to $2.96-$3.04/kg Prime lamb prices firmed, and most made $150-$197 80% of the store lambs traded at $130-$149 Nearly 300 mixed-age Romney ewes, scanned 179% to a Romney ram, sold for $228
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Despite the wet and cold weather, the atmosphere at Coalgate last Thursday was very positive in both sections of the sale. Prime cattle sold on a stronger market and very few steers sold outside the $2.92-$3.10/kg range. That included an offering of Friesian, 486-513kg, which made $2.92-$3.00/kg. Beef cows, 670-740kg, firmed to $2.42-$2.50/kg and dairy, 536-665kg, $2.16-$2.29/kg. Only two lines featured in the store cattle section – five R1 Angus mixed-sex, 400kg, at $3.13/kg and nine 304kg Angus-Friesian steers made the same price. Store lamb tallies dropped to 1300 and the lighter end sold to a tough audience at $70-$115. More ewes were offered as scanning brought out dries and a firm market meant top lines of mixed-age reached $200-$271 and 2-tooths, $204-$214. Most of the balance returned $141-$178. Read more in your LivestockEye.

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