Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Feilding store sale 2.10

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Two-year beef-cross bulls, 525-555kg, were $3.42-$3.43/kg Two-year Hereford-Friesian heifers, 440-530kg, made $2.96-$3.02/kg Traditional yearling heifers, 250-315kg, lifted to $3.35-$3.40/kg Good ewes with LAF held at $125-$135 all counted Average store hogget fell to $132
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A slightly smaller store cattle sale went well, even with the more mixed quality and lower bidder turnout. Well-presented Hereford-Friesian 2-year steers were strong, usually $3.16-$3.27/kg, but occasionally as high as $3.38/kg, followed by some 570-580kg Friesian bulls at $3.24-$3.30/kg. Yearling steers were a bit up-and-down with 230-270kg traditional were strong enough at $4.19-$4.39/kg and the better Hereford-Friesian types at $3.40-$3.50/kg. All 230-265kg Friesian bulls made $3.30-$3.40/kg. Beef-Friesian heifers above 230kg were almost always $3.20-$3.30/kg.

Ewes with LAF largely performed well, particularly the better lines, though even medium types with blackface lambs were $114-$116.50 all counted. A little under a thousand store hoggets yarded were a mixed bunch, as is normal this late in the season, and largely sold to a flatter market. Two small lines at prime weights made $197-$198, but mid-range types of all sexes were more like $139-$155. Anything longer-term that wasn’t a tail-ender was $119-$125.

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