Saturday, December 9, 2023

Feilding store sale 22.11

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Straight beef two-year steers, 430-600kg, were $3.40-$3.60/kg Yearling South Devon steers, 430-460kg, were $1600-$1710 Big lines of 315-380kg yearling bulls were $3.42-$3.44/kg Average store lamb made $133 Mixed age ewes with lambs-at-foot were $128-$129.50
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A smaller yarding of cattle mainly sold to steady interest. The two-year steers were mainly straight-beef types, only going below $3.45/kg on the odd occasion. Two good-sized lines of 435-455kg two-year Friesian bulls were $3.43-$3.53/kg, while some 375-470kg Angus and South Devon two-year heifers were $3.24-$3.36/kg.

Yearling traditional steers, 315-360kg, were $3.95-$4.15/kg. Mixed quality meant there was a wide spectrum of prices on the beef-Friesian lines. A lot of the smaller and mixed-quality lines of yearling bulls made $2.95-$3.05/kg, where the larger pens were $3.20/kg plus. The few traditional and Charolais-cross yearling heifers, 275-335kg, made $3.31-$3.39/kg, with beef-Friesian lines anywhere between $2.75-$3.20/kg depending on quality.

Store lamb numbers jumped to 6000, almost all mixed sex blackface or male whiteface lines. The main strength was in the short-term lambs, with the market getting stickier the lighter the lambs became. A few top cuts were $157.50-$170, however the core of the good lines were $135-$151. Through the mediums $130-$135 was commonplace, while light pens bounced around considerably depending on when they were sold (mainly $91-$120.50). Very few ewes were sold – a capital stock line of ewes with lambs-at-foot were $128 all counted, with some other good wetdry ewes making $183-$200.

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