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Feilding store sale 30.07

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R2 traditional steers, 440-555kg, were mainly $3.20-$3.25/kg Autumn-born 15-month Friesian bulls, 410-445kg, sold for $2.95-$3.10/kg R1 traditional steers, 210-265kg, $3.70-$3.90/kg Store male lambs averaged $158 Store ewe lamb average eased to $142
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A little under 1000 cattle were yarded at Feilding. R3 traditional steers, 690-855kg, were $3.15-$3.25/kg while 330-510kg R2 Hereford-Friesian steers made $3.00-$3.10/kg. Some 350-365kg R2 Hereford-Friesian heifers went for $2.80-$2.95/kg. R1 Friesian bulls, 190-205kg, were $3.10-$3.15/kg, followed by a number of 230-265kg R1 traditional heifers at $2.85-$3.00/kg. Autumn-born weaner Friesian bulls, 110-115kg, were $475-$505.

It was mainly a slower market on the 9000 store lambs. The small number of males were the strongest performing, where heavy lines were $180-$190, good types $165-$175, but mediums were back to $140-$150 and lights $105-$120. A few top-end ewe lambs were $170-$175, but the bulk of the good lines were $145-$160, mediums $125-$145, and the lighter end $100-$120. In-lambs ewes were roughly steady, at $220-$230 for the better lines, $160-$190 for the rest.

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