Thursday, December 7, 2023

Frankton cattle 8.01

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Two-year Friesian-cross heifers, 391-421kg, eased to $2.35-$2.48/kg Yearling Hereford-Friesian steers, 311-332kg, softened to $3.03-$3.10/kg Yearling Hereford-Friesian heifers, 377-425kg, eased to $2.77-$2.85/kg Yearling Friesian bulls, 327kg, came back to $2.57/kg Prime traditional bulls, 567-618kg, softened to $3.00-$3.07/kg
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A reduced yarding of 315 cattle was offered at Frankton last Wednesday.

All two-year steers, 470kg-536kg, traded at $2.77/kg-$2.83/kg. Two-year beef-cross and Hereford-Friesian heifers, 443-476kg, eased to $2.63-$2.72/kg.

Yearling Hereford-Friesian steers, 405kg, softened to $2.90/kg, as did Hereford-dairy, 334kg, $3.08/kg. Angus-cross heifers, 359-405kg, eased to $2.72-$2.79/kg.

Four prime Angus steers, 645kg, fetched $3.03/kg and Friesian, 568-605kg, softened to $2.75-$2.79/kg. Prime dairy-beef heifers, 464-616kg, made $2.70-$2.83/kg, and dairy bulls, 501-589kg, $2.72-$2.97/kg.

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