Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Kauri cattle fair 4.10

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Two-year beef-Friesian steers mostly sold for $1200-$1400, est $3.10-$3.25/kg Two-year beef-Friesian heifers mostly traded at $1100-$1200, est $3.00-$3.12/kg Yearling steers ranged from $3.40/kg for heavier lines to $3.80/kg for lighter Most yearling heifers made $730-$950 at est $3.60/kg
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A good buyer spread from the larger Northland area supported the Kauri cattle fair on Friday October 5. Around 1000 cattle were penned, with the bulk well-presented beef-Friesian. Yearling cattle made up the majority and demand was strong. 15-month heifers made $1000-$1100, at an estimated $3.30-$3.40/kg.

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