Friday, December 8, 2023

Matawhero cattle fair 1.10

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2-year traditional steers, 435-475kg, firmed to $3.60-$3.70/kg 2-year beef-cross bulls, 445kg, achieved $3.51/kg Most traditional yearling steers, 205-330kg, ranged from $3.91/kg to $4.09/kg Yearling Simmental-cross heifers, 310-345kg, sold well at $3.36-$3.40/kg Top yearling Hereford bulls, 315-355kg, sold for breeding at $1380-$1500
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The first day of October was busy at Matawhero, as close to 1500 cattle sold. The market was temperamental as buyers focused on the quality lines, though left lesser bred and off-types alone.
Short-term cattle sold well, and 2-year Angus steers, 465kg, managed $3.44/kg, while good condition Friesian bulls, 505kg, sold for $3.09/kg.
Buyers were selective on yearling cattle, though steers were consistent and Charolais, 395-430kg, earned $3.64-$3.65/kg. Light Angus, 200kg, fetched $4.28/kg, and Hereford-Friesian, 305kg, $3.77/kg.
The quality Hereford bulls were picked up for breeding, while most other lines of mixed origin were discounted. Heifer results varied, with the market softer than a month ago. Traditional heifers, 225-280kg, largely traded at $2.93-2.98/kg, though Angus and Hereford, 215-285kg, reached $3.26-$3.34/kg.

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