Thursday, December 7, 2023

Rongotea sale 2.10

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Two-year Devon-cross steers, 495kg, made $3.03/kg Two-year Friesian bulls, 532kg, earned $3.07/kg Two-year Hereford-Friesian heifers, 295-350kg, returned $2.94-$2.98/kg Yearling Angus-cross steers, 245kg, earned $2.94/kg Friesian boner cows, 409-533kg, varied from $1.38-$1.88/kg
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Cattle pens were almost at full capacity last Monday at Rongotea, New Zealand Farmers Livestock agent Darryl Harwood reported. Two-year Angus-cross steers, 410-483kg, ranged from $2.66-$2.92/kg. Traditional-cross yearling heifers, 140-300kg, sold over a range of $2.52-$3.50/kg. Autumn-born weaners traded at $400-$590 for most. Hereford-Friesian bull calves made $80-$195 while Red Poll bulls managed $135. Friesian-cross heifers returned $74-$190 and Belgian Blue-cross fetched $140.

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