Saturday, December 2, 2023

Stortford Lodge prime cattle and sheep 7.10

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Very heavy male hoggets lifted to $200-$228.50 Top mixed sex hoggets improved to $186-$205 Top ewes strengthened to $222-$231.50 Heavy ewes softened to $168-$178
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A smaller yarding of just under 1980 sheep were penned at Stortford Lodge last Monday. 

Medium-good mixed sex hoggets held at $130-$133. Ewe hoggets had mixed results with top types steady at $215, though results varied for other very heavy lines trading at $185.50-$200. Heavy types eased to $136-$164.

Ewes traded well, as very heavy lines held at $196-$205.50, while good types improved to $149-$167. Medium and medium-good lines strengthened to $122-$147, with the tail end steady at $105.

Another smaller yarding of cattle was on offer, with just 36 penned in total.

Ten very good Hereford-Friesian steers, 859kg, sold well at $2719, $3.16/kg. All heifers, 475-530kg, traded at $2.89-$2.95/kg, while five Hereford-Friesian cows, 603kg, fetched $2.31/kg.

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