Thursday, April 25, 2024

Stortford Lodge store cattle and sheep 9.06

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Good male lambs eased to $135-$142 Good ewe lambs also eased to $121-$138 Light to medium ewe lambs firmed to $97-$119 Capital stock Angus cows and heifers, vetted-in-calf to Angus, sold for $1230 and $1390 respectively R1 Angus steers, 193-233kg, firmed to $685-$800, $3.43-$3.55/kg
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Male lamb supply dropped at Stortford Lodge last week and aside from five top pens with significant numbers, most were small lines of mixed quality. Overall the market held, though medium male lambs lifted to $120-$136 but mid-range ewe lambs came back to $116-$130. The top pen of male lambs reached $169 and ewe lambs sold up to $165. Angus cattle featured in a moderate yarding. R1 Angus heifers, 144-185kg, returned $470-$575, $3.11-$3.25/kg. A special entry of R1 Angus and Angus-Meat Maker varied with weight as the top line of steers weighed 268kg and made $850 with heifers of similar weight at $700. Second cuts at 201kg for steers and 219kg for heifers sold for $745 and $615 respectively.  R2 beef-cross heifers, 281-329kg, fetched $2.52-$2.54/kg. Read more in your LivestockEye.

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