Saturday, December 2, 2023

Taranaki cattle 2.10

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Two-year beef-dairy steers, 340-466kg, eased to $3.01-$3.10/kg Two-year beef-cross heifers, 313-410kg, traded at $2.99-$3.04/kg on low volume Yearling Red Devon-cross steers, 237-267kg, sold for $3.12-$3.15/kg Most yearling heifers traded at $635-$700, for varying $/kg Autumn-born weaner Hereford-Friesian heifers, 120-180kg, held at $440-$530
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Winter-like weather reduced interest in buying cattle, and a 380 head yarding of mixed quality at Taranaki last Wednesday sold to limited interest. One line of hill country 2-year Angus-cross steers, 340kg, managed $3.38/kg, though crossbred lines varied from $2.78/kg to $2.93/kg. Galloway-cross heifers, 481kg, sold for $1440, $2.99/kg.
Yearling vendors met the market, and there were some highlights, including 288kg Angus-cross at $1020, $3.54/kg, while heavier Hereford-Jersey made the same per head price to hover around $3.00/kg. 
Prime volume was very low, and prices reflected quality. Most steers, 550-690kg, traded at $3.01-$3.11/kg.
The dairy shed was also in action, with 65 cows offered. The top lot reached $2000, with most meeting expectations at $1300-$2000.

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