Saturday, December 2, 2023

Temuka store cattle sale 3.10

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Two-year Angus steers, 519kg, made $3.20/kg Two-year Hereford-Friesian steers, 400-465kg, earned $2.97/kg Two-year Friesian bulls, 230-400kg, traded for $2.47/kg Yearling Friesian bulls, 265-285kg, fetched $2.60/kg
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Like many centres around the country the Temuka store sale last Thursday was affected by the cold weather softening demand for lesser cattle. The average weight of two-year dairy-beef steers improved to 445kg from 390kg, with the per-kilogram rate rising 9c/kg to $2.77/kg. Heavier Angus-Friesian, 467-477kg, made $2.67-$2.70/kg, with Friesian, 472-488kg, at $2.39-$2.48/kg. Most 2-year heifers were Angus, 428-466kg, that earned $3.01-$3.07/kg, though other traditional and exotic lines were discounted to $2.33-$2.38/kg.

A huge entry and lower quality of yearling cattle made work hard for auctioneers. Most steers were Hereford-Friesian, where better lines made up to $3.03/kg, with mid-range mostly $2.59-$2.64/kg. 282kg Charolais-cross heifers made $3.11/kg, with some 261-372kg at $2.90-$2.99/kg. The top Hereford-Friesian heifers, 245-276kg, made $2.93-$3.00/kg, with good $2.70-$2.80/kg.

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