Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Veg still a barrier for wool buyers

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Prices were slightly mixed but steady at Thursday’s Napier wool sale.
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The problem continues to be high vegetable matter in the fleece, PGG Wrightson North Island auctioneer Steve Fussell said.

It has become a real concer, affected fleece is being discounted and oddments are hard to sell.

In contrast, better oddment wools sold to good demand. The pass-in rate was about 24%.

Sales, all by micron level, price/kg clean: Full wool, good to average: 32, $3.68; 35, $3.20, up 3c, 38, $2.65. Crossbred second shear: 33, 3-to-4 inches, $2.84; 37, 3-to-4 inches, $2.73, down 7c; 2-to-3 inches, $2.50; 39, 3-to-5 inches, $2.65; 3-to-4 inches, $2.73; 2-to-3 inches, $2.55, up 7c.

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