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Together we can build the future we all want

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Here at AgriHQ we provide the tools for respectful, constructive discussions about agriculture in New Zealand.
Dean Williamson is the publisher of Farmers Weekly and the chief executive of AgriHQ.
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Not everything in New Zealand agriculture right now is good, and it’s our fault.

When the governance of a school, a health board or a city council is dysfunctional, the government is left with no choice but to send in the commissioners, take over and make decisions for them. 

That’s how it feels with the primary sector and farming right now. But when the framework is right and people work together, the government steps back and lets the community get on with it. 

Catchment groups throughout NZ are a good example. They are doing an exceptional job of local environmental improvement.  In fact, their actions and outcomes are informing government strategy.  They’re participating in the direction of their community and developing better policy. It’s a win-win-win, for the people, the government and the environment.

For us all to feel as though we are participating in setting the direction of a community we need a healthy dose of good information, communication and connection. 

Providing that is what we love doing at AgriHQ, publishers of Farmers Weekly and other top sources of news, data analysis, opinion, and education for and about rural NZ. 

Believing we can create a better framework for respectful, constructive discussions is what gets me, and my AgriHQ team, out of bed every morning. 

Our business has a big part to play in the future success of this country. 

Every day we’re sharing good information, building connections and feeding the discussions that deliver solutions for everyone.

Our job is not to please any one group, peddle any one narrative, or drive any particular agenda. 

Our job is to inform, communicate and connect, so the communities that read, watch, listen to and enjoy our hard work are armed with the knowledge they need to co-create a future for NZ agriculture with the people and businesses who drive it.

It’s been said that a truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone. 

Our job is to share all your news and all your views, so you can decide together on a successful pathway to the future and make better, more informed community and business decisions.

Join us. 

Instead of joining echo-chambers that suit our outrage, we need to lean in to the frameworks designed to represent everyone’s views, and participate in our own future. 

Thank you for reading, watching, listening, connecting, conversing and working with us. AgriHQ is your gateway to New Zealand’s agricultural community. The more we work together, the better it will be.

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