Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Ditch finds his new home

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Steve Wyn-Harris’s long-time companion heads to a sheep and beef farm in Whangaehu.
Steve Wyn-Harris, right, hands Ditch to his new owner, John Wilkie. Photo: Jane Wyn-Harris
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Farmers Weekly columnist Steve Wyn-Harris’s long-time companion, Ditch, is off to join a posse of blokes with not a bitch in sight.

Wyn-Harris is moving off farm and no longer requires Ditch’s services. A plea went out to Farmers Weekly readers to help find a new home for the prized pooch, and plenty of offers came forward.

There was Vonnie, who married a farmer and earned the respect of her sheep dog King after digging him out of rabbit hole he’d got stuck in.

Pat, “a somewhat elderly bitch” from Taihape with a retired vet as her owner, looked a strong contender.

Then there was Lace, a sheep dog from Piopio in the King Country. She tried to entice Ditch by including a photo in her application.

But it’s been decided: Ditch will head to a sheep and beef farm in Whangaehu, near Whanganui, and join a team of like-minded canines, such as Bruce who once racked up a $4000 vet bill after requiring a ligament replacement.

“None of my team know what a bitch is, just sometimes there might be a scrap over a bone,” said new owner John Wilkie.

“In Ditch’s case, if he’s interested in stock work and can make himself useful, and is a bit of a character to boot, he’ll add to the fun round here.” 

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