Friday, December 1, 2023

Human kindness on show in short film Milk

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NZ movie comes home after global acclaim.
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The short film Milk has been watched by thousands of people around the world at international film festivals, winning multiple awards – and it’s now available to watch in New Zealand.

Agricademy MD Alister Shennan said it will brighten viewers’ day, providing a welcome break and a reminder to farmers of why they do what they do.

It was written, filmed, and produced by Country Calendar director Celia Jaspers.

The film is set in Martinborough and is about an old man who does not have enough money to buy a bottle of milk from the dairy until a young girl steps in and offers to pay with her pocket money, which she had wanted to spend on lollies. 

Jaspers had the idea for Milk after being struck by the sense of community she encountered when she was at the local shops, just after a level 4 lockdown.

“That feeling of community was so strong and you felt like people were genuinely caring for everyone, looking out for everybody,” said Jaspers.

With the small-town setting and the film’s powerful emotional pull, Jaspers said it was always going to be about milk.  “With milk being such a primary product that we all know and relate to, I don’t think I even questioned the title … it made so much sense for lots of reasons.”

Shennan said he is backing the launch as Jaspers has been a driving force behind the filming and production of all of Agricademy’s online video content.  

He said watching Milk will be a positive affirmation for so many people in the dairy industry who do the hard yards every day.

You can watch Milk here –

Disclaimer: Dean Williamson, CEO of AgriHQ, is an Agricademy shareholder

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