A gated coastal lifestyle offering of 5.93ha (more or less) with access to all tide boat launching, a 49-metre jetty and helipad.

Pakatoa, Rotoroa and Ponui islands punctuate your horizon and beckon with the best fishing spots within just a few minutes of launching. An aquatic recreational playground to cater for all generations.

Pasture, Pohutukawa and a stand of ancient covenanted native forest. An opportunity to downsize to a coastal rural property but with all the convenience to Auckland that Waiheke offers. Two award winning architects and master builder are available for onsite consultation.

Waiheke sits within a 35 minute ferry ride to Auckland CBD yet this outstanding property is a whole world away.

This could be your literal sea change. The scale and scope can only be fully comprehended upon arrival, a legacy land to sea connection rarely ever offered.

Published 2nd February 2024


Lisa Hopewell
027 451 8887

Pene Milne
021 919 940

NZSIR Waiheke and Gulf Islands Limited

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