Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Raising the bar at Lynmore

Piling more weight on weaners in autumn rather than spring is paying off at Landcorp’s Lynmore Farm. “It means we can meet the early spring contracts and it’s taking the pressure off during summer,” Lynmore manager Wayne Webb says. “We’ve dropped average carcaseweight but we’re making more money.” During the past three years the about 3200 bought-in weaners have reached finishing weights earlier. Moving them on sooner has freed up pastures of the 340ha deer unit for other deer. Last year the goal was to pile on 12kg over autumn but this year the bar has been raised to 20kg.

This year weaners are being wintered on 30ha of HT swedes. This is the first year HT swedes have been grown at Lynmore to help stem an increasing infestation of Wild Turnip.

“We want them to arrive here healthy and not on the back foot.”

The extra vigilance has paid off. Over the past two years weaner death rates have been a tolerable 2%.

Day-to-day management of Lynmore’s 340ha deer unit is the responsibility of Keith Dunick.

Despite the number and large mob sizes he completes most tasks on his own. Planning and thinking ahead keeps management relatively straightforward and stress-free.

Wayne says: “We don’t chase them with dogs and we try to think ahead to take the stress out of it for ourselves and the deer.”

Simple measures such as setting up laneways the night before moving mobs makes the exercise easier. They avoid working with the deer during windy conditions or if the weather is changing.

“We know it’s better to hold off and wait rather than have them stressed in the shed.”

Farm Facts – Lynmore Station

Landcorp breeding and finishing farm on flat to rolling terrace and downlands 18km east of Te Anau. The 340ha deer unit on flat river bed country finishes about 3200 weaners (2600 during winter and 600-700 in spring) each season.

Manager: Wayne Webb

Eight full-time staff

2013 wintered stock

10,500 Landmark-Land Supreme ewes

2600 weaner deer

1100 R1 Angus-cross cattle

500 R2 cattle

In 2012-2013, 3200 weaner deer were finished to a 54.5kg/CW average and 25,000 lambs to a 17.6kg/CW average.

Future Lynmore deer farming goals:

  • Add 20-plus kilogram to weaners from arrival until July 1.
  • Buy both a crusher and dedicated feeder for barley
  • Install an EID reader and use recording information for weaner management
  • Top-up deer fences where necessary.
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