Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Shorthorn-cross foot it with Angus

Kill data from Canterbury Meat Packers shows the carcase characteristics of Shorthorn-Angus crosses are equal to those of pure Angus. A first cut of the top weights from both the Shorthorn-cross and Angus steers were sent for processing at Canterbury Meat Packers on March 13 and were graded using Asian premium market standards.

Grader Bronwyn Bayliss graded the carcases for the Asian market primarily for fat colour, meat colour and marbling.

Bill Austin says both breeds of steers graded to an equally high standard.

“Bronwyn commented that she was impressed with the whiteness of the external fat cover considering these cattle had come off grass.

“The marbling was to an equally good standard, especially considering their age.

“Little difference between the breeds was detected.”

Bill says the bulls from both breeds used in the trial were selected for being very close to their respective breed average EBVs for carcase weight, retail beef yield and intramuscular.

“The crossbred steers have delivered the extra performance expected from hybrid vigour.

“They had a higher liveweight, a heavier carcase weight and importantly a greater carcase weight yield and lower pH.

Breed comparison

  Shorthorn X Angus
Liveweight average 551.6kg 546.6kg
Dressed weight average 314.56 307.28
Carcase weight yield 57.02 56.24
pH 5.53 5.45
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