Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Solid interest for wool sale

All wool types from the 12,800 bales on offer last Thursday attracted solid interest with 79% selling, Wool Services International reported.

The weighted indicator for the main trading currencies hardly moved compared to the last sale on October 11, easing by 0.26%.

Dawson said that compared to the last time sold in the South Island on September 27, Merino fleece finer than 19.5 micron were firm to 2.5% dearer with 20 to 24.0 micron 2 to 4% stronger.

Mid micron Fleece 25 to 27 micron were 4% stronger and 28 to 31.5 micron 2% dearer.

Compared to the last sale in the North Island on October 4, fine crossbred fleece was up to 5% dearer. Fine crossbred shears 3/5 to 2/4 inches were 4 to 5% stronger with 2/3 inch wools in buyers’ favour.

Coarse crossbred fleece were firm to 2% dearer.

Coarse crossbred shears 3/5 inches remained firm with 3/4 and 2/4 1.5 to 4% stronger.  he 2/3 inch shears were 1% easier.

Crossbred Oddments were generally up to 5% stronger.

Well spread competition with China, India and Western Europe principals, supported by United Kingdom, Middle East and Australasia.

The next sale on Thursday comprises approximately 8660 bales from the North Island.

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