Thursday, August 11, 2022

Solid performance at North Island feeder calf sales

AgriHQ analyst Suz Bremner provides insights on how feeder calf sales tracked at North Island sale yards during the last week of July.
A huge yarding of 1170 feeder calves went under the hammer at Frankton on Tuesday. File photo

Manawatū, Wairarapa and Dannevirke buyers made up a solid gallery at Manfield Park on Monday, where early and well-marked dairy-beef calves sold well. 

Good Hereford-Friesian bulls earned $250-$300, while Angus-Friesian and Charolais-Friesian realised $200-$240. Friesian bull buyers were selective and better options settled at $100-$140. The top end of dairy-beef heifers traded at $150-$215 and medium, $80-$120. 

A further 240 were penned on Thursday and good Friesian bulls had a better day at $120-$200, while medium types sold for $70-$100. Hereford-Friesian held as the tops made $260-$315 and medium, $150-$200. Top Angus-cross and Charolais-cross traded at $240-$250 and Belgian Blue-cross, $280. Small bulls returned $40-$50. Dairy-beef heifers eased but a highlight was Belgian Blue-cross at $200. Top Hereford-Friesian made $100-$150 and beef-cross sold up to $115. Medium types of most breeds traded at $60-$80. 

At Hawera, also on Monday, Friesian bull prices firmed to $80-$135 and Hereford-Friesian sold up to $250. Heifers of the same breed and Charolais-cross made $125. 

There was also good demand for the quality line-up of calves at Reporoa and heavy Friesian bulls sold up to $135 on Monday, while medium types settled at $110-$120. Heavy Hereford-Friesian and Charolais-Friesian returned $220-$240, while Angus-Friesian and red Hereford-Friesian realised $135-$150. Medium Hereford-Friesian heifers earned $70 and heavier red options reached $130 along with Charolais-Friesian at $120. 

The Thursday market heated up for 186 calves and top Friesian bulls reached $135-$147 and the balance, $105-$132. Top Hereford-Friesian made $240 and medium and red types, $140-$160. Charolais-cross bulls reached $155-$205. Most heifers sold for $135-$155. 

A huge yarding of 1170 feeder calves went under the hammer at Frankton on Tuesday. They generally came forward in good condition and there was sufficient demand for all to find new homes. 

Good Friesian bulls made $130-$140 with medium pens $80-$110 and small, $50-$60. Hereford-Friesian were a highlight as they firmed to $290-$315 with mid-sized lines $180-$250 and small, $100-$140 while red Hereford-Friesian and crossbred calves made $50-$130. The top Hereford-Friesian heifers were off the pace of last week at $110-$150, though small types improved to $50-$80. Angus-cross sold from $30 to $150. 

The top end of the Friesian bulls at Rongotea on Tuesday fell short of the previous week at $105 and sold down to $30. That contrasted with Hereford-Friesian, which firmed to $325 though did start at $40. Exotic-cross bulls sold for $105-$160. Hereford-Friesian heifers varied from $20 to $210 and exotic-cross heifers, $125-$130. 

A small yarding was also sold at Rangiuru on Tuesday and Friesian bulls returned $75-$82 while Angus-Friesian bulls made $60 and heifers, $40.

More: This article was written by AgriHQ analyst Suz Bremner. Suz leads the AgriHQ LivestockEye team, including data collectors who are tasked with being on the ground at sale yards throughout the country. Subscribe to AgriHQ reports here.

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