Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Spring lambs take first real test

Fantastic, gentle spring rain did not add value to cattle at Kumeu on Monday, Chris Humphrey of Livestock Mart Auctions reported. Buyers seemed cautious, and there was some good buying to be had.

The market for spring lambs took on its first real test at Stortford Lodge, over 4000 head presented to what was a rather sparse crowd, reflecting the equally sparse rainfall of recent times. On the other side of the coin, many regional farmers are starting to unload; anticipating drier conditions to come with coastal areas of Hawke’s Bay already dry. Most of the lambs were in nice order and sold between $2.60-$2.75/kgLW reported PGG Wrightson Livestock Manager, Vern Wiggins. Lambs in the heavier weight ranges, over 26 kg, made $70-$80, one very solid line selling at $83. There were plenty of transactions at $52-$60 with smaller down to $47.



There were 600 head of cattle yarded at KAIKOHE last week, Vaughan Vujcich of PGG Wrightson reported, with the market still remaining strong.

          Two-year whiteface, Charolais and Friesian steers fetched $2.20-$2.30/kgLW. Heavy 15-month steers, which included lines of Hereford, whiteface, shorthorn-cross, and exotics, sold at $2.40-$2.45/kgLW for heavier sorts, and up to $2.65/kgLW for lighter. Small 15-month steers fetched $2.80-$2.90/kgLW. Yearling steers, Angus, Charolais, and whiteface, made $2.40/kgLW, while autumn Angus steers, straight off mum, fetched $2.60/kgLW.

          Yearling bulls, Friesian and Hereford-cross, made $2.45/kgLW for the heavier sorts and $2.50-$2.70/kgLW for lighter. There were small lines of weaner spring bulls on offer; the better of the Friesians making $420, while $450-$490 bought the whitefaces.

          Two-year heifers – Angus-cross, whiteface and Simmental – made from $2.15/kgLW up to $2.20/kgLW. Yearling heifers – whiteface, Angus-cross and Charolais, traded at $2.50-$2.60/kgLW.

          Boner cows were firmer on the previous week, with better lines making $1.70-$1.80/kgLW, medium $1.65/kgLW, and light $1.40-$1.50/kgLW.

          Over 500 cattle were on offer at the store sale at WELLSFORD last Monday, Grant Pallister of PGG Wrightson reported, still making good money as spring is in the air.

          Two-year steers, 520-550kg, $2.13-$2.27/kgLW, 400-450kg, $2.28-$2.37/kgLW.

          One-year steers, 340-370kg, sold for $2.42-$2.63/kgLW, 300-340kg, $2.57-$2.74/kgLW, and 220-280kg, $2.65-$3.20/kgLW.

          One-year heifers, 280-310kg, brought $2.36-$2.42/kgLW, and 230-270kg, $2.20-$2.74/kgLW.

          One-year bulls, 330-400kg, made $2.31-$2.42/kgLW.

          The prime market remained buoyant, Pallister commented, with fewer trade type cattle around.

          Heavy steers fetched $2.26-$2.28/kgLW, medium steers $2.25-$2.26/kgLW and light steers $2.15-$2.21/kgLW.

          Heavy heifers traded at $2.13-$2.16/kgLW, and medium heifers $2.22-$2.26/kgLW.

          Heavy cows made $1.73-1.77/kgLW, medium cows $1.69-$1.73/kgLW, and light $1.47-$1.53/kgLW.

          New season lambs arrived with expectation well down on last year Pallister said, considering the huge fall in schedule.

          New season prime lambs made $95-$102, while old season lambs fetched $105-$112 for the heavier lines, and $102-$104 for mediums.

          Good new season store lambs made between $41 and $68.

          Heavy ewes sold around $77-$86, mediums $68-$73, and light $40-$60.



Fantastic, gentle spring rain did not add value to cattle at KUMEU on Monday, Chris Humphrey of Livestock Mart Auctions reported. Buyers seemed cautious, and there was some good buying to be had.

          A good line of 15-month whiteface steers sold to $765 and heifers $710, but we have seen some quality animals make much more previously, Humphrey commented. It was not all bad news as farmers and agents had plenty of time to discuss the weekend rugby!

          Weaner steers fetched $420 and best yearling steers $765.

          Nice yearling heifers $665-$710, and best 2-year heifers $780-$840.

          Good lambs made $85-$95, hoggets $85-$97, and mixed-age ewes $70-$90.



Despite the big number of cattle on offer, last Thursday’s store cattle sale at TUAKAU was “strong all the way through”, Elders agent Craig Chamberlain said. The yarding of 1051 head was the biggest seen since autumn, with the sale featuring many annual lines of 15-month cattle, mostly Hereford-Friesian.
“There is plenty of grass around. And we’ve had a reasonable winter, so stock condition is pretty good,” Chamberlain said.
          Included in the yarding was a good line-up of R3 steers. Good steers at 500-640kg sold at $2.21-$2.38/kgLW, with mediums, 400-500kg, making $2.20-$2.41/kgLW and lighter types, 300-400kg, $2.27-$2.66/kgLW.
          Fifteen-month steers at 320-400kg returned $2.51-$2.80/kgLW and 250-320kg steers earned $2.39-$3.08/kgLW. Weaner whiteface steers at 160kg made $640.
          In the heifer section, R3 heifers, 370-440kg, traded at $2.16-$2.24/kgLW, with 15-month heifers, 300-400kg, making $2.22-$2.42/kgLW. Heifers at 200-300kg fetched $2.47-$2.99/kgLW.
          Last Wednesday’s prime sale drew just over 600 cattle. Chamberlain said the market was “a tad softer”, probably due to supply-demand factors.
          Heavy prime steers, 650kg-plus, traded at $2.28-$2.34/kgLW, with medium steers, 550-650kg, making $2.25-$2.32/kgLW and trade types $2.21-$2.28/kgLW.
          Heavy heifers, 500kg-plus, sold at $2.23-$2.27/kgLW and trade heifers earned $2.18-$2.25/kgLW.

          Beef cows made $1.67-$1.78/kgLW and heavy boner cows $1.68-$1.74/kgLW. Medium boners returned $1.56-$1.65/kgLW and lighter cows $1.37-$1.54/kgLW.
          Last Monday’s sheep sale featured the season’s first decent-sized offering of spring lambs, with good prime lambs making $95-$125. Heavy old-season prime lambs earned $115-$124, with mediums fetching $105-$115 and lighter lambs $90-$100.
          Heavy ewes sold at $78-$93 and medium ewes made $65-$75. Lighter ewes earned $40-$60.



Agents were kept busy with close to 1000 cattle at RANGIURU last week. There were some very high conditioned lines which sold right up to recent rates.

           The first pen offered were some 768kg whiteface steers producing a final bid of $1730, $2,25/kgLW, and another pen at 726kg made $1700, $2.34/kgLW. Solid steers weighing 600kg and better sold at $1385-$1405, $2.23-$2.58/kgLW, while 475-548kg steers sold at $1070-$1255, $2.21-$2.27/kgLW. Quality steers, 250-350kg returned $650-$805, $2.26-$2.70/kgLW and those under 250kg made $532-$798, $2.40-$2.87/kgLW.

          A reasonable number of heavier heifers, 480-580kg, went at $1030-$1170, $2.09-$2.21/kgLW. A similar number of 350-400kg heifers fetching $720-$850, $2.02-$2.25/kgLW, and the largest group, 250-350kg realised $620-$700, $2.07-$2.57/kgLW. $480-$630 bought heifers under 250kg, $2.03-$2.56/kgLW.

          Hereford bulls, suitable for service, made $1790-$1800, and yearling bulls, 250-350kg sold at $645-$760, $2.07-$2.57/kgLW.

          A few prime ox made $1045-$1440, $2.09-$2.30/kgLW, with prime heifers making $1060-$1240, $2.25-$2.27/kgLW. High yielding boner cows fetched $1050-$1260, lesser sorts selling at $625-$770.

          In the weaner pens, bulls weighing 122kg traded at $458, $3.73/kgLW, with others at $240-$402, $2.05-$3.63/kgLW and under 100kg brought $365-$368, $3.74-$4.02/kgLW.

          Weaner heifers made $250-$310, $3.55/kgLW, and a handful of weaner steers fetched $360-$392, $3.42-$4.45/kgLW.

           A yarding of around 300 sheep hoggets sold freely, making $100-$122, buyers showing preference to shorn types. Spring lambs brought $57-$68 and butcher ewes$78.50-$87.50. A few ewes with lambs at foot made $57-$60.



Tuesday’s prime sale saw a slightly larger number in each class NZ Farmers Livestock reported. Prime cows sold very strongly while ox and heifers were very firm and boners were on par.

          Most ox sold between $2.24/kgLW and $2.32/kgLW, two lots weighing better than 700kg making $1638-$1642, $2.24-$2.27/kgLW. Lots over 600kg made $1425-$1531, $2.27-$2.32/kgLW and the 500 kg plus group fetched $1228-$1356, $2.17-$2.27/kgLW.

          Heifers produced the same consistency. The top sale was the $1376 paid for 620kg Herefords, $2.20/kgLW, with many sales at $1089-$1215, $2.22-$2.28/kgLW. Lighter sorts, just over 400kg, made $938-$990, $2.21-$2.27/kgLW.

          The heaviest prime cows returned $1011-$1047, $1.51-$1.75/kgLW, and a consignment of Hereford cows brought $830-$974, $1.75-$1.90/kgLW, while 530kg Simmental cows brought $954, $1.80/kgLW.

          950kg Angus bulls went at $1567, $1.65 and several pens of Simmentals, over 500kg made $1558-$1747, $2.48-$2.49/kgLW, some Jersey bulls making $958, $1.88/kgLW.

          Boner cows topped at $817, $1.48/kgLW, $613-$691 buying the balance, $1.40-$1.50/kgLW. In the sheep pens, all lambs/hoggets fetched $100-$126 and trade ewes, $82-$90 for good and $70 for plainer.

          Wednesday’s store sale brought out over 700 cattle, mostly yearlings, Mark Gausted of PGG Wrightson reported. Mainly local buyers supported the sale, the “Zip” having gone from “out-of-towners” he commented, but nevertheless it was a sound sale.

Good 2-year steers, over 500kg made $1000-$1280, $2.23-$2.42/kgLW with a few smaller making $895-$945, $2.23-$2.24/kgLW.

          Hereford/Friesian dominated in the yearling steer section, the best of these selling at $800-$915, $2.43-$2.65/kgLW, while 369kg Angus took top price of $980, $2.66/kgLW. $680-$790 covered most other good lots and there were a few at $510-$630.

          There was plenty of choice in the yearling heifer pens where realisations ranged from $600-$700 across much of the entry. Top sales were $810 and $820, $2.49-$2.64/kgLW and $2.45-$2.79 bought the rest.

          Yearling bulls also went well, $900-$980 offered for very good, one or two lots reaching $3.08-$3.46/kgLW but most sales were effective at $2.32-$2.69/kgLW. Two-year heifers were in short supply but 503kg whiteface sold at $1140, $2.27/kgLW, and others of the same cross fetched $850-$990, $2.14-$2.23/kgLW. The few weaner bulls offered made $430-$535, $2.87-$3.27/kgLW, a couple of lots of 2-year bulls went at $1170 for 434kg Murray Grey, $2.70/kgLW, and $1105 for 459kg Friesians, $2.41/kgLW.



All over in less than 30 minutes! That is what it took to dispose of 410 total sheep at MATAWHERO. The majority of these were ewes, with some appearing in the prime section but most in the store pens.      Values were very good for those ewes that had good teeth and the constitution to rear another lamb. Whether in the prime or store sections, the best of these made $85.50-$86 and true store ewes brought $51-$76.50. Prime spring lambs sold well making $83-$114.50 and hoggets brought $100-$110. Ewes with lambs at foot were $60 all-counted.

          The front country is starting to show the lack of worthwhile rainfall through October, which may have the effect of bringing out some weaned lambs in the next week or two.



The market for spring lambs took on its first real test at STORTFORD LODGE, over 4000 head presented to what was a rather sparse crowd, reflecting the equally sparse rainfall of recent times. On the other side of the coin, many regional farmers are starting to unload, anticipating drier conditions to come with coastal areas of Hawke’s Bay already dry.

          Most of the lambs were in nice order and sold between $2.60-$2.75/kgLW PGG Wrightson Livestock Manager Vern Wiggins reported. Lambs in the heavier weight ranges, over 26 kg, made $70-$80, one very solid line selling at $83. There were plenty of transactions at $52-$60 with smaller down to $47.

          Hoggets are still making reasonable money at $100-$121, and breeding ewes $85-$94. Ewes with lambs at foot made $50-$65 all-counted and were mainly offered in small lines, a pen of 2-tooth ewes with lambs at foot fetching $76.

          Over 1200 cattle went through the rostrum, 540 of them 2-year steers, yearlings making up most of the rest. The better older steers experienced a strong demand but medium style steers lost a bit of ground as did most yearlings, Wiggins commented.

          Just two pens of 3-year steers were offered, one lot selling at $1380, $2.42/kgLW and the other at $1272, $2.46/kgLW. Illustrating the demand for short term steers, a 566kg line of Angus 2-year steers sold at $1395, $2.46/kgLW and six lots made over $1300, $2.26-$2.42/kgLW, while a further five pens brought $1200-$1280.

          The medium steers were less costly making around $1000 for lots weighing just over 400kg and those below 400 kg tended to return $730-$880.

          No yearling steers reached $1000, the better sorts making $900-$972, $2.42-$2.51/kgLW, good mediums, $820-$842, $2.42-$2.59/kgLW, and smaller, $600-$755, $2.53-$2.54/kgLW.

          Only 60 yearling bulls came forward, the better Angus making $825-$850, $2.16-$2.26/kgLW and the rest $662-$690, $2.38-$2.81/kgLW. A pen of Friesian-cross weaner bulls traded at $405, $4.01/kgLW and a couple of lots of 2-year bulls made $965 and $970, $2.29/kgLW.

          Yearling heifer numbers were more than 200 head. The best beef-bred heifers sold at $712-$770, $2.14-$2.36/kgLW, and good Hereford/Friesian cross made $668-$680, $2.33/kgLW, some straight Friesians selling at $415-$502, $1.68-$2.09/kgLW.



It was a very strong market at STRATFORD last week, Sandra Engelen of NZ Farmers reported, with heavy cull cows making up to $1174.

          Prime Hereford/Friesian ox, 750kg, $2.27/kgLW, prime Hereford-cross steers, 460kg, $2.18/kgLW, prime Hereford/Friesian steers, 590-653kg, $2.26/kgLW, prime Angus steers, 340kg, $2.14/kgLW.

          Prime Friesian cows, 725kg, $1.62/kgLW.

          Three-year Friesian bulls, 685kg, $2.26/kgLW, 2-year Angus bulls (unsound), 530kg, $2.16/kgLW, 2-year Friesian bulls, 510kg, $2.30/kgLW.

          Empty Friesian heifers, 340-515kg, $1.25-$2.06/kgLW, empty Jersey-cross cows, 510kg, $1.51/kgLW, empty Friesian cows, 435-643kg, $1.56-$2.20/kgLW.

          Store crossbred cows, 400kg, $1.25/kgLW, store Friesian cows, 460-650kg, $1.21-$2.22/kgLW, store Jersey-cross cows, 315-410kg, $1.10-$1.40/kgLW.

          In-milk Friesian cows, 470kg, $650/head, 1-year Friesian-cross heifers, 240kg, $660/head.

          Well bred or good farming cattle were well sought after amongst a yarding of 400 cattle Engelen commented.

          Three-year Angus steers, 655-730kg, $1455-$1500, 3-year Friesian steers, 592kg, $1355.

          Of the 2-year steers, Hereford/Friesian, 418-640kg, $950-$1445, Hereford-cross, 430kg, $900, Hereford, 395kg, $855, Red Devon, 470kg, $1100, Angus/Friesian, 505-522kg, $1145-$1205, Angus-cross steers, 375kg, $825, crossbred, 360-452kg, $910-$1005, Shorthorn-cross, 300kg, $700, Simmental-cross 365-425kg, $910-$1005, Ayrshire-cross, 340-367kg, $750-$765.

          Two-year heifers, Hereford/Friesian, 410-425kg, $950-$965, crossbred, 335kg, $725, Limousin-cross, 420kg, $815, Shorthorn-cross, 380kg, $790, Red Devon-cross, 440-640kg, $955.

          Two-year Hereford bulls, 580kg, $1360

          Two-year Red Devon rigs, 605kg, $1360.

          In the 1-year steers, Hereford-cross, 222-345kg, $665-$735, Hereford/Friesian, 222-338kg, $595-$835, Angus-cross, 160-260kg, $465-$720, Angus, 205-225kg, $552-$675, Simmental-cross, 245kg, $710, crossbred, 195kg, $480, Red Devon-cross, 215kg, $585, Charolais, 182kg, $540, Shorthorn-cross, 255kg, $740.

          Of the 1-year heifers, Angus/Friesian, 310kg, $700, Angus-cross heifers, 198-252kg, $475-$600, Hereford-cross, 133-240kg, $395-$585, Hereford/Friesian, 215-223kg, $548-$552, purebred Hereford, 215kg, $480, Murray Grey-cross, 255kg, $527, Ayrshire/Simmental, 190kg, $502, Red Devon-cross, 195kg, $525.

          One-year Ayrshire/Simmental bulls, 251.9kg, $635, Hereford/Friesian, 290kg, $650, and Friesian bulls, 215-270kg, $480-$635.

          Autumn-born Friesian bulls, 275kg, $605, Simmental/Friesian, 205-225kg, $490.

          Weaner Hereford-cross heifers, 110kg, $352, Angus-cross, 138kg, $260, Simmental-cross, 137kg, $355.

          Weaner Hereford-cross bulls, 98kg, $450, Friesian, 100kg, $420, Angus/Friesian, 150kg, $340.

          Empty Ayrshire cows, 367kg, $715. Friesian-cross cows, 530kg, $890, Simmental-cross, 530kg, $890.

          Mixed-age dry ewes, $51-$73, mixed-sex lambs, $64, ram lambs, $111.



The sale at RONGOTEA started with 70 service bulls on offer, Malcolm Coombe of NZ Farmers Livestock reported. Two-year Hereford bulls fetched $1500-$1700, 2-year Friesian bulls $1200-$1400, 2-year Jersey bulls $950-$1200, with a few lighter bulls in the $800-$1000.

          Two-year steers, 500-570kg, made $1080-$1140, $2-$2.11/kgLW, 400-450kg, $900-$950, $2.05-$2.10/kgLW, while crossbred 2-year steers fetched $500-$600.

          Two-year heifers, 450-480kg traded at $870-$1000, $2-$2.05/kgLW, and 370-400kg, $750-$820. Other 2-year heifers ranged between $550 and $$700.

          Yearling steers sold along the $550-$620 mark, while a handful of crossbred steers made $420-$470.

          Yearling heifers this week made $500-$600, $2.30-$2.45/kgLW.

          A few spring weaner Friesian bulls are starting to appear, making between $400 and $450.

          Boner cows this made $790-$960, $1.57-$1.60, other cows making between $500 and $650, with lighter cows in the $450-$480 range.

          Medium mixed-sex lambs made $85-$90.

          Rongotea saw 200 calves this week still making good money, Coombe commented. Friesian bulls brought $150-$200 for the tops, and $120-$140 for the mediums. Top whiteface bulls made $225-$245, mediums $150-$190. Angus-cross bulls fetched $150-$200 for the tops, and $100-$120 for the mediums.

          Top whiteface heifers made $140-$165, mediums $110-$125, while angus-cross heifers made $130-$150 for the top calves, and $100-$120 for mediums.


Yearling beef heifers and steers sold very well at FEILDING on Friday, Rhys Staples of Elders reported, while 2-year olds appeared back on previous weeks.

            Exotic 2-year steers, 450kg, fetched $2.35/kgLW, 400kg Angus made $2.30/kgLW, and Friesian/Hereford sold around the $2.20-$2.30/kgLW mark. A nice line of Belgium Blue-cross weaner steers brought $850, $2.75/kgLW, autumn born Friesian/Hereford steers, 280kg, $2.85/kgLW, while other yearling steers made $2.40-$2.50/kgLW.

            Two-year Angus heifers, 350-380kg, made $2.10-$2.15/kgLW. Yearling heifers sold well, fetching $2.30-$2.50/kgLW across the board. 

            Bulls sold on a very tough market Staples commented, with yearling bulls, 300-370kg making around $2.15-$2.25/kgLW. 

            It was a very small yarding in the sheep yards Chris Hansen of Elders said. 

            There were only a few pens of ewe hoggets, good sorts fetching $102, and medium $79. 

            Some new season lambs were on offer, the very good lambs making $73, medium $65, and light $59. 

            Ewes with lambs at foot sold around $65-$75 all counted.  




A smaller yarding of prime sheep saw the prices hold firm on the previous week’s sale at CANTERBURY PARK last Tuesday. Heavy ewes fetched $100-$110, medium $80-$95, and light $60-$75.

          A $4-$6 lift in heavy weight lambs was observed in the prime market, while the remaining weights and grades remained on par. Heavy lambs made $125-$128, good $113-$118, medium $107-$111, and light $100-$105.

          A small yarding of hoggets saw an ease in price by $3-$5 across all weights.

          Prime steers: 495kg, $1.93-$2.24/kgLW, 555-598kg, $2-$2.24/kgLW, 600-687kg, $2.15-$2.26/kgLW.

          Prime heifers: 380-495kg, $1.91-$2.12/kgLW, 500-535kg, $2.04-$2.17/kgLW, 540-610kg, $2.05-$2.13/kgLW.



A small yarding of new season’s lambs was sold at TINWALD with good quality types fetching up to $128.

          Prime hoggets held firm on the values of the previous week while a large yarding of prime ewes sold well, PGG Wrightson livestock manager Greg Cook reported.
          Large spring lambs fetched $122-$128, medium $114-$121 and smaller lambs $96-$113.
          Heavy prime hoggets earned $122-$128, medium $112-$121 and light $90-$113.

          Heavy prime ewes earned $98-$116, medium $80-$92 and lighter sorts $60-$74.

          Heavy prime wethers returned $90-$100 and lighter types $60-$89.
          A large yarding of ewes and lambs all counted sold from $50-$60.



Prime cattle and sheep generally held firm across all categories at TEMUKA with the exception of the prime ewe market where one-shear ewes lifted $7/head and adult ewes strengthened $3-$5/head. The first of the new season’s lambs saw the best of the larger types selling up to $121, PGG Wrightson livestock representative Rod Sands reported.
          Prime steers 600-850kg earned $2.06-$2.14/kgLW, 450-600kg $2.05-$2.20/kgLW, 400-500kg $1.90-$2.12 and dairy types 500-620kg $1.85-$2.11/kgLW.
          Heifers 500-680kg returned $1.88-$2.07/kgLW, 400-500kg $1.85-$2.12/kgLW, and dairy sorts 380-580kg earned $1.40-$1.88/kgLW.
          Bulls 800-1000kg fetched $1.60-$1.62/kgLW, 550-800kg $2.15-$230/kgLW and 400-500kg $1.95-$2.17/kgLW.
          Heavy beef cows 500-800kg realised $1.09-$1.54/kgLW and 400-500kg $1.30-$1.48/kgLW.
          Dairy types 500-750kg $1.29-$1.46/kgLW with poorer types 340-500kg earning 70c-$1.31/kgLW.
          A good yarding of store lambs saw forward types fetching $90-$116, including a large line of Perendale ewe hoggets, medium types returned $84-$94 and smaller lambs $60-$83.
          Large spring lambs earned $110-$121, medium $95-$105 with smaller lambs selling at $85.
          Heavy prime hoggets fetched $120-$126, medium $113-$119 and light $104-$113.
          Heavy one-shear ewes returned $104-$119, medium types $85-$95 and light $75-$84. The best of the adult ewes earned $90-$105, medium $77-89, medium freezers $68-$76 and light freezer sorts $45-$65.



A reasonable sized yarding of quality prime hoggets were offered last Wednesday, Barry Osborne of PGG Wrightson reported, and values firmed on the previous sale. The heavier prime hoggets fetched $99-$107, medium $105-$118, and light $92-$102.

          The prime ewe yarding was small and sold at similar levels to the previous sale, heavy ewes making $90-$99, medium $78-$89, and light $60-$75.

          A small yarding of store sheep sold with average demand with values easing slightly. Medium store lambs made $55, and light $40, while ewes with lambs at foot sold between $55 and $68 all counted.

          Angus/Friesian heifers sold for $85.



There was a medium sized yarding of prime cattle selling on a good market at LORNEVILLE last Tuesday.

           Medium 500-600kg steers fetched $1.80-$1.95/kgLW, medium dairy heifers, 380-400kg, $1.40-$1.60/kgLW, heavy cows, 560-650kg, $1.40-$1.45/kgLW, medium cows, 480-550kg, $1.20-$1.35/kgLW, light cows, 400-500kg, $1-$1.20/kgLW.

          A small mixed quality yarding of store cattle were on offer, with prices reflecting quality. Medium 2-year Belted Galloway-cross steers, 453kg, made $795, medium 2-year Friesian-cross steers, 491kg, $885, medium 1-year Friesian bulls, 274kg, $500, and medium 1-year Friesian steers, 253kg, $460.

          A small yarding of quality calves were sought after, with top Hereford bulls selling for $120, medium Hereford bulls $80, top Hereford heifers $100, and medium Hereford heifers $60.

          A large yarding of prime sheep met with firm demand at CHARLTON last week, with prices on par with the previous sale.

          Heavy old season lambs traded at $107-$116, medium $100-$105, light $90-$98, with spring lambs reaching $96-$105.

          Good quality 2-tooths made $90-$103, medium $76-$89, and light $59-$65.

          Heavy prime ewes bought at $93-$112, medium $75-$90 and light $48-$65, while lower condition ewes made $24.

          Top woolly store lambs $90-$92, medium $75-$85, light $55-$65, and ewes with lambs at foot $77 all counted.

          There was a small yarding of prime stock at Charlton last week, with old season lambs firm and a slight rise in the prime ewe market.

          Heavy prime lambs $108-$115, medium $100-$105.

          Good quality prime two-tooth’s fetched $85-$105, and mediums $75-85, while heavy ewes made $95-$105, medium $80-$90 and light $65-$75.

          In the store market, top old season store lambs made $85, medium $74, spring lambs $55-$80, and ewes with lambs at foot $72 all counted.

          In summary of the store cattle, 2-year Angus-cross steers, $1010-$1100, 2-year Friesian steers $800-$1010, 2-year Angus-cross heifers $700-$850.

          Yearling Angus-cross steers $700-$970 and $580-$680, yearling Charolais steers, $780-$860, Hereford-cross steers $650-$835.

          Yearling Simmental-cross heifers $700-$845, yearling Charolais-cross heifers $750-$910, and yearling Angus-cross heifers $700-$780.

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