Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Stud stags

The Steyning has been selling stud stags for five years, mainly to other Firstlight suppliers.

A Canadian expert in developing a performance recording system visited recently and Lucy is excited about the computer programme to identify their top animals.

“The Steyning is a guinea pig on this one.

“This will add considerably to the breeding programme we have with Firstlight.”

The breeding industry is something Lucy grew up with. Her father had five farms in the Hawke’s Bay and sold around 1000 Romney rams each year. She and Tim also have a small horse breeding operation, producing warm blood dressage horses from imported frozen semen.

The breeding side has been on hold because the recession has reduced demand for horses, but Lucy has been busy training a young horse in dressage and helping her daughter with her three ponies.

Daughter Willa won the Level One Championship at the New Zealand Pony and Young Rider competition in 2012.

Lucy has further dreams for the farm business as well.

“We still feel vulnerable as the farm is small, so we would be interested in expanding via equity partners or investing in an off-farm business.”

For the time being Lucy and Tim are enjoying the surprise of winning the Marks & Spencer award. What started as an on-line entry in the supplier awards become a crusade to get Team Silver Gumboots voted into first place. Lucy was humbled by the support within New Zealand and around the world.

“Federated Farmers were fantastic support and we even had a guy in a pub in Ireland who got all the punters to vote for us.” 

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