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A2 milk journey is only just beginning

A2 milk journey is only just beginning

Keith WoodfordMar 12, 2024
The milk category has gone relatively quiet, says Keith Woodford, but it is far from dead.

GDT upswing takes a pause

Hugh StringlemanNov 8, 2023
Prices stutter, but not enough to cause a rethink on farmgate forecasts.

Plummeting milk price ‘will cost NZ $5bn’

Neal WallaceAug 4, 2023
Cut in farmgate price will hurt farmers and economy.

Sheep milking a family affair

Gerald PiddockDec 15, 2022
Milking sheep alongside their dairy herd has given a Waikato farming family diversity in their business.


Miraka’s on the hunt for more suppliers

Farmers WeeklyJul 27, 2022
Miraka has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the world, which is key to its core values.
Challenging season lies ahead

Challenging season lies ahead

Gerald PiddockMay 30, 2022
Fonterra’s new season forecast will be out by now and whatever the figure and the range is, thankfully…
goats feeding on grass

Study to examine animals’ milk health benefits

Colin WilliscroftApr 28, 2022
New research will compare the nutritional differences of cow, goat and sheep milk in the diets of older adults, as well as investigate any gut health consequences from consuming them.
Small drinks firms upset over exempt milk

Small drinks firms upset over exempt milk

BusinessDeskApr 26, 2022
Not all are happy with dairy milk containers getting exemption. Small drinks companies say carving out dairy milk products from a new container return scheme is “unfair and inequitable”.
TV show sparks goat milk business idea

TV show sparks goat milk business idea

Ross NollyApr 4, 2022
A Wellington couple were inspired by a television programme to take up goat milking and sell fresh milk to the public.
Headshot of Susan Kilsby in paddock

ANZ tops milk price predictions

Hugh StringlemanMar 11, 2022
ANZ has raised its farm gate milk price forecast by 40c to a pace-setting $9.70/kg and that market confidence now extends well into next season.

Dairy prices hit record on tight supply, Ukraine jitters

BusinessDeskMar 2, 2022
Global dairy prices hit their highest level ever on tight supply and fall-out from the Ukraine crisis.

Fonterra unpacks milk and its priorities

Hugh StringlemanMar 1, 2022
Componentisation of milk is key to affordable nutrition for developing countries and a premium for eating whole dairy foods will have to be earned and paid.

Fonterra lifts forecast to $9.60

Farmers WeeklyFeb 24, 2022
Continued global demand for dairy products has seen Fonterra lift its milk price from $8.90-$9.50/kg milksolids to $9.30-$9.90/kg MS.

Can the milk price reach $10?

Hugh StringlemanFeb 21, 2022
A third consecutive 4% rise in Global Dairy Trade (GDT) prices has market analysts, dairy companies and futures traders sharpening their pencils to see if a farm gate milk price of $10/kg milksolids could be delivered.
Winter milk returns boosts interest

Winter milk returns boosts interest

Sonita ChandarFeb 14, 2022
There are pros and cons to making the switch to autumn calving from spring and farmers should do their homework to ensure it will be a good fit for their farm.
Milk price forecasts bubble up

Milk price forecasts bubble up

Hugh StringlemanFeb 3, 2022
DAIRY commodity prices again rose across the board in the first Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction for February, led by whole milk powder up 5.8%.
ANZ predicts the highest milk price

ANZ predicts the highest milk price

Hugh StringlemanFeb 2, 2022
THIS season’s milk price forecast by ANZ Research has risen by 50c to $9.30/kg milksolids and for next season the bank’s analysts have added 40c to predict $8.40.
Black and white cows eating feed from a trough in a barn.

Record milk price likely

Gerald PiddockJan 31, 2022
Each month the milk monitor delves into the dairy industry and gives us the low-down on the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between.
Headshot of Grant Watson.

Synlait bumps up milk forecast

Farmers WeeklyJan 28, 2022
Synlait Milk Limited has increased its forecast base milk price forecast for the 2021-22 season to $9.25/kg milksolids from $8/kg MS.

Fonterra lifts forecast over $9

Farmers WeeklyJan 25, 2022
Fonterra has raised its 2021-22 forecast farmgate milk price range to $8.90-9.50/kgMS, up from $8.40- 9.00.

Fonterra revises milk collection forecast

Farmers WeeklyJan 11, 2022
Variable weather and challenging growing conditions has led to Fonterra revising its milk collection forecast from 1525 million kg milksolids to 1500m kg MS for the 2021-22 season.

Record milk price now baked in

Hugh StringlemanDec 10, 2021
The penultimate Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction for 2021 cemented in the high, probably record, farm gate milk price, close to $9/kg milksolids.

Fonterra lifts payout after good start to financial year

Gerald PiddockDec 3, 2021
Fonterra has lifted and narrowed its milk price forecast for this season from $7.90-$8.90/kg milksolids to $8.40-$9/kg MS after a solid start to the 2022 financial year.
$8 milk this season and next, ANZ says

$8 milk this season and next, ANZ says

Hugh StringlemanDec 1, 2021
ANZ Research has increased its farm gate milk price forecast by 60c to $8.80/kg milksolids and begun forecasting for next season at $8.

Fonterra’s mixed records in context

Hugh StringlemanNov 25, 2021
Fonterra may deliver its record nominal milk payout this season, possibly something over $9/kg, but that would not be the best ever outcome for its farmers on an inflation-adjusted basis.
Steve Hodgkinson pictured in a field with trees in the background.

Immune milk tech to fight covid

Gerald PiddockNov 11, 2021
A Waikato research and technology company is developing a product using the medicinal properties of colostrum to provide greater immunity protection of people against the effects of covid-19 infection.
Nathan Penny leans over a fence in a farm paddock.

Milk price firmly fixed

Hugh StringlemanOct 22, 2021
The latest Global Dairy Trade (GDT) results indicate pricing momentum well into the latter half of the season, with a flat forward curve of contract prices.
An automated stacker works to move bags of milk powder in a factory.

Peak milk under way in second covid-affected season

Gerald PiddockOct 22, 2021
Fonterra is facing its second consecutive season where peak milk collection is affected by covid-19.