Thursday, December 7, 2023


A close up of a hand picking grass in a paddock.

New tech could make weekly farm walks a thing of the past

Dairy FarmerDec 4, 2023
Aimer Farming have been working on a new tool that utilises a smartphone camera to read pasture cover.

Getting smart about measuring pasture cover

Gerald PiddockOct 19, 2023
“Every extra kilogram of dry matter intake from improved pasture management has a positive impact on a farm’s profitability.”

New pasture measurement app comes to Waikato

Dairy FarmerOct 16, 2023
New technology allows farmers to measure pasture cover using an app.

Clover trial aims to boost hill country pasture

Guest writerJul 27, 2023
Hope is for big gains in feed quality, finances and stability of vulnerable soils.

Finding a better path to greener pastures

Finding a better path to greener pastures

Farmers WeeklyJul 12, 2022
Over-grazing is a problem for farmers, but “rescuing” pasture through deferred grazing isn’t the answer, according to research…
A graphic showing how tropical storms funnel down to New Zealand from the Pacific.

Widespread rain refreshes all farmers

Hugh StringlemanFeb 11, 2022
Pasture growth has sprung into life and milk and meat production are back on track after the most significant, widespread summer rainfall in early February.
Tools to help plan pasture

Tools to help plan pasture

Richard RennieJan 31, 2022
INNOVATIVE tools to support farmers and farm consultants in pasture planning are expected to become available next year as part of the Hill Country Futures Programme.
Rolled bales of hay sit in a paddock.

Farmers make hay while sun shines

Farmers WeeklyJan 14, 2022
Last month’s rain has meant farmers in most parts of the country welcomed the new year with a good supply of feed, although while some areas are quickly drying out, others could do with more sun.
Richard Barton holds a farmote paster mapping tool in a field.

Signals from space map grass growth

Richard RennieOct 21, 2021
Of all the dairy farm jobs that need to be done over springtime, dry matter measurement takes the most time on a big dairy farm and is critical to ensure cows are fed well and genuine surpluses identified for harvesting.